The Shard of Elan

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You've come across my notes on the Shard of Elan incident—incidents. Events. Intrigue. The... episodes surrounding the Shard, the Circle and the war with the Ryuven, the Black Mage and the bastard and the prince-heir, and... Well, look, you likely know something about it.   But I doubt you know all about it. I've taken on the particular project of researching the rest of the story for the Circle's archives, and I have notes here on details no one else knows. But I'm willing to share them, because history is for all.   Please, come and browse, and maybe you'll learn something new about what happened.   Read about the Battles, People, Places, Things, and Culture involved, or find Bonus Content if you are ready for more.
This notes are collected for the worlds of the Shard of Elan epic fantasy series. This is a safe place to browse the story world without major spoilers. Minor spoilers will be marked or protected. For a free prequel, subscribe here.   The kingdom of Chrenada has been raided for generations by the magical Ryuven, who appear without warning to carry out quick, brutal raids and then flee across the between-worlds again with their spoils.   Failing crops in the Ryuven world have made their raids more common and more damaging, while straining the social structures which help with production and distribution, requiring more raids, inducing ever more bloody resistance from Chrenada. Tamaryl, the Ryuven Pairvyn ni'Ai, believed the increased raids to be beneficial only in the short term and felt they were ultimately as harmful as beneficial, while distracting from finding other solutions. He refused to lead the next battle and was forced to seek exile.   But all that was long ago, fifteen years before Shianan Becknam, commander, count, and king's bastard, was sent to retrieve the Shard of Elan, a piece of crystallized starry ether which will support a new magical shield to protect Chrenada against marauding Ryuven. This quiet dispatch, with grey mage Ariana Hazelrig, will change their lives and the fates of nations.