Mage Ewan Hazelrig

Describe the Rank and responsibilities of someone who's considered ""in charge"" of an organization, religion, or settlement in your world.   The current Grand White Mage of The Great Circle is Mage Ewan Hazelrig.   Mage Hazelrig (the elder, not to be confused with Mage Ariana Hazelrig ) was elected to the position of White Mage during the skirmishes leading up to the battle of Luenda . It was a battlefield election, not uncommon in the history of the Circle due to its primary role in the wars between Chrenada and the Ryuven .    As White Mage, Mage Hazelrig is responsible for the communications between the Great Circle and the crown and Council. The White Mage handles most of the bureaucratic paperwork of the Circle, and Mage Hazelrig has been heard to (jokingly) accuse Mage Elysia Parma of interfering in the election so that he would be elected instead of her, thereby avoiding the position's paperwork and diplomacy.   Mage Ewan Hazelrig is a widower. His only child, Ariana, served her apprenticeship with him before becoming a grey mage, during which time she was sent to carry back The Shard of Elan for its use in erecting a kingdom-wide shield, and eventually becoming the Black Mage of the Circle.   Though Mage Hazelrig has at times in his career spoken against the practice of slavery, arguing instead for a system of indentured servitude, it should be noted that he brought a child back from Luenda and took him as a servant in his home. This was not the supreme act of hypocrisy some might think, as many of the displaced and homeless were enslaved, and it is likely that Hazelrig believed that serving in his house would be a kinder situation than sale to harder labor, and the boy did act as a famulus to the mage. Still, the departure was his previous arguments was noted.
Magical, Professional
Form of Address
my lord mage
Source of Authority
The White Mage is elected by the mages of the Great Circle.
Length of Term
Typically the White Mage will serve until death or retirement.
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