Mage Ariana Hazelrig

Ariana Hazelrig is the daughter (an only child, as is typical for Human mages) of Mage Ewan Hazelrig and Mage Catella Jaeniran. She is now the Black Mage in The Great Circle, the lowest ranking member. She failed her first entrance exam, which is not uncommon, but that helped to rebut any suspicions of nepotism with a father in the White Mage's chair.   Ariana is not the only human mage to have been abducted to the Ryuven world, but she has the distinction of having been the only one to survive. The timing of the The Shard of Elan affair was a fortunate coincidence (those researchers who are interested in this curious incident see the much more comprehensive report which will not be summarized in this practical compendium).

Mental characteristics


Ariana Hazelrig apprenticed for her magical training under her father, Mage Ewan Hazelrig.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ariana Hazelrig was one of those sent to bring The Shard of Elan to Alham in order to erect the shield. Since then she has been connected with a number of significant developments related to both the Shard and the ongoing war with the Ryuven.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ariana's sense of idealism is often confronted by the darker realities of pragmatic life. Others occasionally believe her naïve or simplistic, but it's important to keep in mind that she has not had the same experience as veteran soldiers or mages who have been fighting the Ryuven their entire careers. She protests that she is aware the world is not always kind, but she still wishes to act without sacrificing ideals for practicality.
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