The Ryuven are a sapient species from what is likely another dimension but which is referred to in everyday conversation as "the Ryuven world," as it is known only as the source of the Ryuven raiding parties.   Ryuven are tall humanoids but with six limbs, as they have large membranous wings with an extra set of shoulders. They are tall and very lean, as their bones are thin and hollow to permit flight. There is evident sexual dimorphism, as the females are generally taller and stronger than the males. (Human scholars have noted a parallel in raptor species in the human world, which with the lighter skeletons briefly gave rise to a theory that Ryuven were a human/bird hybrid, but the lack of feathering and the unclear nature of how such a hybrid could have come to exist, especially in another dimension, meant that this was never a serious scholarly premise but one of those suggestions passed around at social events to make the speaker seem clever.)   If a Ryuven is already flying at speed, he can strike or even pick up a human to carry a short distance, but humans are too heavy for Ryuven to lift from a standing start.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

One of the most terrifying aspects of the Ryuven is their ability to heal many injuries. While tales of their instant healing without ill effect are exaggerated, a human soldier learns early that incapacitating blows to a Ryuven are often not as incapacitating as one thought. Weapons against Ryuven raiders thus include features to slow Ryuven healing (such as heavy barbed arrows, to be more difficult to withdraw and to deal more damage requiring more time to heal, or polearms with crossbars to keep an impaled Ryuven at a distance).   This Ryuven trait, however, inspired human mages to experiment with magically accelerated healing, and this was the origin of Mage Healing Amulets . The human version looks nothing at all like the inherent Ryuven ability, but it has saved the lives of many soldiers.   Another curious ability of the Ryuven, unknown until recently to human scholars, is their ability to metamorphose to a degree. It is believed this is a mating trait, the use of a light glamour to enhance one's appearance, generally the smoothing of skin or thickening of hair, but the most powerful can extend it to a dramatic physical change. It is a difficult effect to maintain, however, and other Ryuven can sense its application, so most do not bother for general use.   There is a story that a Ryuven sho was powerful enough to shift his form to a human child and was thus able to conceal himself and move about Chrenada, but maintaining such a dramatically different form should have been impossible even for a sho, and so this tale is likely just that.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Ryuven tend to distinct social castes with strong senses of place and social obligation. See the Ai article and Ryuven Castes and Roles  for more on social hierarchy.   Broader Ryuven social structure is organized by clans, including the Ai , the Lian, and the Ientu among others.
140 years
Average Height
males, 5.75-6 feet females, 6-6.5 feet
Average Weight
males, 120 pounds females, 150 pounds
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