Land of the Ruler

"The gods noticed that people were prone to fight over petty things like what to eat for dinner, where to go next and who is the leader. To stop such a silly fights from happening the gods in their mighty power set one person to rule over all of the people, and thus there was peace among the people."   From the myth The origins of the three nations
Once all the land was ruled by the god chosen ruler, but The Great War  divided the land and now the Land of the Ruler contains only the fertile side of the land.

The fertile lands provide lots of food and timber and hunger is uncommon among the people.
The people of the land are mostly happy to live under the strong ruler as that grants stability, although the whims of the ruler might occasionally great impact to peoples life.   


The people of the country are usually very laid-back and not in hurry to do stuff, still everything necessary gets done. The people loves to enjoy good things like food, drinks, music and arts. They also like to throw parties and there are some sort of feast almost every other weekend.

The presence of military forces supervising the citizen in every town and village gives high contrast to the otherwise laid-back attitude of the country. Any misconduct is strictly and firmly addressed by the military forces.

Foreign Relations

Because of the trade between countries Land of the Ruler as good political relationship with Land of the People. The citizens of Land of the People are pitied as they have to struggle in harsh land and chaos without guidance of the god chosen ruler.

The political relationship between Shadow warriors is strained, as they are seen as dangerous rebels, who are the blame for the Great War. No shadow warriors is allowed to enter to the country.

Agriculture & Industry

Extensive agricultural production, but no mining industry etc.

Trade & Transport

The country has active seaway with with Land of the People , whom they trade with agricultural products and timber to ore, metals, gems etc.


The education system is the pride of the land. Every citizen has to learn to read and count the basic calculations. There are also schools for higher education and "universities" where scholars and historians do their research and teach the future scholars and historians.

The Succession of the Ruler

When the ruler of the land dies or steps down, the next ruler of the land is the ruler's oldest living progeny born in the god sanctioned  marriage. If the ruler does not have living progeny that is born in the god sanctioned marriage, then the ruler's oldest living sibling born in the god sanctioned marriage becomes the next ruler. If the ruler has no living sibling that is born in the god sanctioned marriage, then the ruler's oldest niece/nephew that is born in the god sanctioned marriage becomes the next ruler. And so on...

Nobody knows what happens, if there is no descendant of  The Original Ruler left that can be tracked down by the god sanctioned marriages.
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Major Exports
Agricultural products and timber.
Major Imports
Ore, metals, gems etc.
Legislative Body
Ruler's word is the law of the country. The ruler can delegate the law writing to others, if they so wish.
Judicial Body
The militant forces
Executive Body
The militant forces
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


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