The origins of the three nations

Once there were two separate lands. The one land was once inhabited by people cultivating and taming the land for their needs and the other land was inhabited by gods who wandered the rich and fertile land. One day these two lands collided and the land of gods and people was formed.   The gods noticed that people were prone to fight over petty things like what to eat for dinner, where to go next and who is the leader. To stop such a silly fights from happening the gods in their mighty power set one person to rule over all the people, and thus there was peace among the people.   The lands continued to move towards each other and the mountain range was formed at the middle of the land. The mountains were no problem to the gods, but they divided people to two regions.   To help people to move from one place to another the god of shadows gave some of the people access to Shadow world and the shadow steppers were created. Shadow steppers had powers no ordinary person had, and that disrupted the natural balance of the ruler's power. So, the war  among the people begun.   The war was devastating and left the people scattered in three parts:
  • The fertile and peaceful side of the land that was ruled by the god chosen leader.
  • The deserted and restless side of the land devastated by the war and abandoned by most of the gods, where the never ending fights over dominion roam.
  • The small fertile valley in the mountain range, where the shadow steppes rule over the small population of regular people.
The gods were sad to see the devastation that war left and as they felt partly guilty to the war they decided to retreat from their active role of helping people to the wilderness.


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