Land of the People

"The deserted and restless side of the land devastated by the war and abandoned by most of the gods, where the never ending fights over dominion roam."   From the myth The origins of the three nations
Land of the People were created after The Great War divided people and those not willing to submit under the god chosen leader left to inhabit the deserted side of the land. The living in such harsh land is though, so the people who live there are strong and proud. The constant power struggles are every day life to in the country, but most of the people stay unaffected by those.


The people of the country does not like to submit under laws and rules, but this does not mean that there is constant chaos and disorder. In the settlement of the land social norms are highly cherished and respecting others is common practice, since you never know, if disrespecting other person will result to your death. Also the people who are considered to be disruptive to society are rapidly eliminated or deported.

The old people are also highly respected by society as living to old age is uncommon and the old are considered to be best of the people. The old are well cared by society and people seek out them for advice.

Most of the people does not have a desire to own a lot. Most of the power struggles are fought between the owning class and the young people they have recruited as their followers.

The outskirts of the land are more dangerous as there is no social pressure for people to behave and that is the place for the most antisocial and unpredictable people lives. Not all people living in the outskirts are antisocial or unpredictable though. There also lives some distinct small tribes with long history of wandering the deserted land. The tribes are naturally suspicious towards new people, but rarely outright aggressive, and they have some trade with the others.

Demography and Population

The population of the country lives mostly on the coast where the sea provides some moisture and around the only real river in the country. The farther one goes from the mountains along the coastline the sparser the population becomes. Some small tribes and groups roam around the dry inner part.

The child and especially teenage mortality of the county is very high, but if one survives to adulthood, they often lives until the middle age when there is next peak in mortality. If one survives the middle age, then they are expected to live long life as the old people are the most respected people in the country as they have proven their worth. The lead causes of death are homicide (very rare within non teenager children), disease and starvation.

Foreign Relations

Because of the trade between countries Land of the People as good political relationship with Land of the Ruler, even though the people of Land of the Ruler are commonly scorned. They are seen as fat, lazy and stupid, when submitting gladly under tyrant ruler.

Agriculture & Industry

The most part land is not good for agriculture, where it is possible usually resilient crops suitable for dry lands, like durra, are farmed or the land is used as pasture for goats or sheep. The fishing is also one important source for food.

The land is heavy with ore and gems, and there are several mines in the area. There are also guild highly talented jewelers and blacksmiths.

Trade & Transport

The country has active seaway with with Land of the Ruler, whom they trade with ore, metals, gems etc. to agricultural products and timber.

Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Major Exports
Ore, metals, gems etc.
Major Imports
Agricultural products, timber, assassinations.
Legislative Body
No written laws. Social norms are followed.
Executive Body
The societies self polices that the norms are followed.
Neighboring Nations


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