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Agnes the Skull collector

"You do not wish to mess around with this great great grandmother. She had lived longer than any of us and killed more people than you can think of."
Agnes the Skull collector is the most feared and respected pirate in all known continent. She is the captain of Bone palace, a ship she had made for her from the bones of the people she had killed or got killed. Her crew consist mostly form her own progeny, but she has also has other loyal followers and her influence is wide and strong. She is also one of the most prominent figures of the power struggles of Land of the People.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Agnes was one of Children of Sewers, when she was growing up. Her childhood were constant struggle, and surviving to adulthood was miracle on its own, so it is not surprising that she grew up as cunning, strong, resilient and ruthless person, who made her way to power and fame step by step through years. She also managed to raise eleven children to adulthood, an impressive accomplishment on its own in Land of the People, where child mortality is high. Now her children themselves have children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren, forming the loyal base of her minions.

As youngster she mostly stayed out of danger making sure of her survival and then slowly started her journey towards the position she now is by eliminating any threats with wits and finesse without attracting too much attention. By middle age she was already one of the most powerful and feared persons in Land of the People, and was made a primary target by others in power. She managed to survive all the attempts of taking her life making her a legend revered by many. No longer is there attempts of taking her life as killing a revered legend would mean certain death and disgrace. She still is in the middle of the power struggles of Land of the People, but no longer in active player and target, but more of a mentor and the force in the back.

Personality Characteristics


Agnes the Skull collector is devoted mother, grandmother, etc. and her love for her progeny is well known for. She had strong will to survive and strive, and most of her actions have been motivated by desire to make the best possible life for her progeny.
Owned Vehicles


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