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Seven Tomes Lorekeepers of fantastical realms.

A fantasy-focused chapter led by Polina "Line" Arteev.

Seven Tomes is a chapter dedicated to fantasy, and is home to writers, artists, and other creators of the fantastical variety. Bring with you your swords and spells, your gods and legends, or even the cute little plants you found on the road to the next village.

Welcome to the homepage of the Seven Tomes chapter!

This hub world is brand new and under construction, so you won't see very much here yet. However, we invite you to see a few articles we do have available!  
Coming Soon:
  • Introduction to the Seven Tomes Project
  • More Member Pages!

Learn More About Us!

Greetings, adventurer! Get to know Seven Tomes and the Tomies within with this introductory article! Stop by to read our chapter bio, see our active member list, and learn more about who we are and what we do as a group!

Read our Chapter Rules!

Get to know our house rules, and what conduct we expect from our members! In summary, members should be kind, active in the community, and supportive of one another!