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Spooktober 2023

Who said fantasy can't be full of horrors and spookies? Happy spooky season!

Cryptids and creatures and fun chapter features! Welcome to Spooktober!

Fantastical Spooktober Adventures!

Spooky season has rolled around yet again, and it's time to let the cryptic creative energies flow! This challenge is so casual and freeform, which means we can see any number of approaches to tackling it... let's see what our own chapter members are up to!


I'm nicknaming my Spooktober event this year, "Stubtober," because my plan is to create a giant collection of stub articles for all of the topics I need to cover to fill gaps in my world. My entries may not be the spookiest all around, but I'll be following the prompts the best I can!   This is all part of my current goal of building up a world development roadmap, and also to prepare for the end of the year, because WorldEmber... is coming.



I'm a bit overwhelmed and a tad discombobulated, but full of good spirits! I should probably look into an exorcism.... but anyway-   This will be my second Spooktober, and a celebration of my anniversary delving more actively into World Anvil, so I'm looking forward to what I will create!   I'm attempting to do this, prepare for NaNoWriMo (tho I will certainly be a NaNo rebel), and my first attempt at WorldEmber... I'll have my hands full, and will certainly drop a few things, but am excited to have so many reasons to create all the same.   Well, here goes nothing!



We are rapidly approaching the singularity my actual anniversary on being active on WorldAnvil, but prior to that lets get a bit spooky in here!   During SC I decided to take it easy on myself in the buildup to WorldEmber so I am only doing some prompts to grab the badge and that will be it.
In more exciting news: I have partnered with Ben, a very good friend of mine and started a new spooky collaborative world, meaning that I will split my Spooktober submissions between this and my regular world Focis. Look out in the coming days if you want to learn more about "Thræsh's Hold" and all the occult and sometimes bone-chilling, soul-rending horrors that await you within!



My first spooktober, I didn't want to leave without putting something through, but I'm saving my writing energy for future contests, so instead I thought i'd shake things up and make some comics based within the world!   Obviously given the nature of my world all of these comics are SUPER serious and SCARY, so brace yourself!



Working on the spookier side of Magic Earth, this Spooktober! Ghost of Warsaw is his current favorite entry!


Blue Fairy 74

After my initial excitement about this year's Spooktober invitations has subsided, which by the way is my second participation after 2022, and I initially jumped back and forth between several ideas, I decided to use a different approach for each world.
In Elaqitan I want to explore 13 myths and legends. It won't be very scary and the articles will be a little shorter than usual at just an average of 120 words. Some articles fill gaps that may never end up in a larger article, others I plan to expand on in greater detail in upcoming major events.   In addition, I would like to write a short story for Naharin from the remaining prompts, summarized in one article.



WorldAnvil Spooktober 2023; a contest that challenged [us] to write 13 different articles in order to receive the badge; each one based upon one of the 27 available prompts. I, alongside many others, took one look at this and went "yeah no I don't have time to make 13 full length articles for this," and so stubtober was born!



This is my first time participating in Spooktober, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect going into it. So, instead of focusing on the details ahead of time I decided to make my first Spooktober an exercise in routine. My goal is to set aside time each day during the event to write one article.


Ken Bignell

I've just let my brain run wild on the Spooktober prompts, intentionally pulling from the dark parts of my mind. I'm not much of a horror fan, or I should really say I am not much of a slasher fan. Horror as suspense with lots of elements of the fantastical is something I do enjoy. I actually shocked myself with the darkness of a couple of the articles I have written so far. That is probably a good thing. Outside my comfort zone and all.
I'm also working hard on my first novel. I've started some in the past, but never finished one. This one and the series I am planning is an idea and world that I really want to see done and out in the world, so I am really working on it and I think I will complete it. I am still hyped for it after several months, so that's a good thing. WA is a huge help with that. Great community and lots of support, along with my family of course.   I have a lot of work to do with the three DnD 5e campaigns I am running at the moment as well, so life is busy. One campaign has been running for over 5 years and the second is at 4 now. The third is a game with family and has only been going for 6 months or so, started as a short homebrew game and we are now at the end of The Forge of Fury and will be continuing on to more adventures from Tales From The Yawning Portal. The kids are in their late 20s and are really enjoying their first foray into DnD!



On the topic of spells, what about spellcrafters? Quite the spooky article, perfect for the spooky season — this is a narrative I want to learn more about.



While not participating in Spooktober, Soulwing98 is fully immersed in his own Spelltober, which is really cool! We're exploring the different forms of magic in Kingsmaker, and this recent Hydrokineticist article was one of his favorites.

More Tomie thoughts and spooky activities filtering in over time!


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