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Varying lengths of day and night

Jaromir explains the theological underpinnings of how the sun impacts and impacted by the seasons.   "Why does the sun goddess allow the nights to get shorter in the winter time when we most need warmth? That is a good question, young one."  
by Me with Hero Forge
      Khemra is the goddess of law and order and the sun. The Lady of Light is well known for wanting everything to be in its proper place and time and for everything to be organized and predictable and to some extant, symmetrical.   It is counter intuitive that nights get longer in the winter time and days get longer in the summer time. A Khemra-centric sky would have twelve hours of daylight and twelve hours of night 365 days a year. The moon is actually far more consitent than the sun despite the moon god Zarthus being more chaotic and unpredictable than Khemra. So why are things as they are?   The power of the Nine is far beyond our understanding, but it is not limitless. All of the Nine, Khemra included have their power diminished somewhat around the time of the Winter Stellar Day and increased somewhat around the time of the Summer Stellar Day.   Every day, Khemra uses a percentage of her mighty power to make sure the sun rises and climbs across the sky warming Scarterra before it sets. Don't ask me if this takes 1% of her power, 10% of her power or 80% of her power. I do not know. I do know that Khemra uses the same portion of her strength every single day towards this noble task. During the summer months, Khemra has more total power so whatever fraction of her power she uses, Khemra wields a fraction of a larger number during the summer, so the days are warmer and longer.


During the Spring Stellar Day and the Autumn Stellar Day, Scarterra has twelve hours of light and twelve hours of darkness.   On the Winter Stellar Day, there is about eight hours of light and sixteen hours of darkness.   On the Summer Stellar Day, there is about eight hours of darkness and sixteen hours of light.
this is an extension of my my Spooktober 2023 contest entry
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