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Torches Session 22, Kormatin and Company fail to kill Baron Caedfael

General Summary

Kormatin and company headed straight for the castle of his next target, Baron Cadfael ap Gorisonad. Kormatin was fully aware that the odds of Cadfael being there were low because he didn't like to spend much time at home. Cadfael's castle was being currently run by his daughter and son-in-law.   Brigid was going to pretend to be a messenger from House Gruffyl with secret information to pass on. The problem is that Cadfael and House Gorisonad as a whole had pieced together a broad picture of what Kormatin was trying to do and by this point they had identified Brigid and Bendek.       When Brigid tried to bluff her way into the castle, she was suspicious, but she botched a Perception roll and though she was suspicious she let Brigid in. Brigid open the gates and let Ragani, Kormatin, and Bendek inside who were able to force Caedfel's son-in-law and men to surrender while Caefel's daughter flew away with her children (not that Kormatin would have harmed children).   Kormatin and company looted the castle, then left their prisoner's unharmed. After going to Blue River City to scout out a possible attack on Caedful there, they found him fully alert and on guard and opted to quietly leave, returning to Fumaya by way of the Barony of Blue Peaks.   In Blue Peaks they found a letter from Howell alerting Kormatin that the Queen of Swynfaredia gave a free inspection pass to two ships carrying an estimated 50+ Uskalan camazotz mercenaries.   Kormatin returned to King's Lake and touched base with his friends and allies there, dice-lessly trouncing a pair of rookie bounty hunters in the Merchant Principality of Centrum, en route.   With the help of friendly dwarf lords, King Henryk III Linijka the young kinghired kalazotz mercenaries to act as near undetectable messengers between his generals and vassals. Nearly undetectable to human sorcerers but highly vulnerable to camazotz. The king ordered Kormatin to make eliminating the camazotz as his highest priority.   In beteween sessions, Kormatin's player and I hashed some details via text and came up with Kormatin's plan for next session.   Kormatin is going to contact the Fumayan Children for poisons to be useful against the camazotz. We figured dizziness causing contact poisons would be extra-effective against camazotz because it would make flying dificult and dangerous.   So Kormatin is going to borrow some elite archers from the king and reconnect with Noggra as a his core squad, possibly with an extra mage knight so there is a backup caster besides Bendek who can cast Fly and Darkvision.

Rewards Granted

Kormatin failed his primary mission but got some loot including several useful books, a couple potions, various fine silver items, and a spyglass.   Also 4 exp.
Report Date
29 Apr 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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