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Pies come in a wide variety of varieties throughout Scarterra with many regional differences. Pies can be a main dish, a side dish, or a dessert.   "Midday Pies" is a catchall term for pies eaten at mid day. Midday pies are known throughout Scarterra, but they are especially popular in West Colassia where they are eaten by many workers both farm hands, townies, and soldiers on the march.
Medieval art of farm workers (public domain) by unknown artist
  The whole point of a midday pie is that it's a working man's food. The idea is you take the pie with you in the morning when you go off to work, and then eat the pie at your midday break, fueling yourself for the second half of your working day before returning home (or to base camp.) The main advantage of midday pies is that they are convenient. A person can eat his entire midday meal in a single crust encased package.  


  There are many variations. All midday pies have a crust, most are filled with a mixture of meat, vegetables and herbs. Most pies are made with a "peasant's pie pastry" and some pies are made with a "prince's pie pastry."   A peasant pastry is basically flour and water. The crust is edible but not not very appetizing. Most of the time, a peasant pastry is used as little more than the packaging for a pie and the crust is then discarded entirely or fed to the pigs.   If the person is very destitute or an area is suffering famine conditions, the crust can be eaten. Usually the crust softened up first in water. Some hungry soldiers on the march like to dissolve their ration of coffee, tea, or beer.   A "prince's pie pastry" is leavened with butter, lard and/or other ingredients to make the crust softer and taste better. Pies with a prince's pie pastry can be eaten crust and all.    They are more expensive than typical pie crusts, but the name is a joke. It is not literally limited to princes and nobles. Commoners can and do eat pies with prince pie pastry when they can afford it and noblemen sometimes have to settle for eating a pie with a discard-able peasant pie pastry if they are traveling long distances (though a nobleman is highly unlikely to stoop to eating his crust dissolved in his beverage).   Salted pork is the go-to meat for midday pies in West Colassia, but rabbit and fish can be substitutes if that's what they have access to. In Fumaya, potato and fish midday pies are called "King's Lake pies" because the city of King's Lake has lots of potatoes and lots of fish.   Chicken and beef pies are not unheard of, but they are food for wealthier people, such as nobles or wealthy burghers. Lamb and goat are not unheard of either. Goat based midday pies are fairly popular in East Colassia.   Of course, meat pies vary not just on the type of meat but the cut of meat. Higher status people get the best crusts of meat while the inner parts of an animal are often called the "umbles" and served to the lowest class people. The etymological origin of "eating humble pie."   The meat is supplemented by whatever fruits, vegetables, and herbs are seasonally available. Potatoes can be used to bulk up a pie adding calories for relatively cheap. Very poor people might have pure potato pies instead of meat and potato pies. In Umera and the Elven Empire, sometimes rice is used as filler rather than potatoes though midday pies are far less popular in these lands than in the northern hemisphere.  

The Suppliers of Pies

  Depending on the filling, ingredients might be pre-cooked separately but most pies are baked with all the items mixed together.   Midday pies are usually eaten cold.   Most rural peasants would make their pies at home (either the morning of or the night before they are going to work and take them with them into the field while soldiers are of course made by the camp cook and soldiers are issued their midday pies with their morning rations.   Townies will usually go to a pie shop and buy their pie fresh in the morning before the start of their work day at a pie shop. In a large towns, most pie shops are probably going to offer a wide variety of crusts and fillings with different price options for different people based on their preferences and what they can afford though if a pie shop exists solely to feed one type of worker (such as a pie shop set up a mining camp) the pie man probably has a large storeroom full of identical pies to sell.

Manufacturing process

Ingredients are laid out on a crust and thrown in the oven.
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Consumable, Food / Drink
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Raw materials & Components
A crust, usually simply flour and water but more flaky and soft pie crusts are hardly unknown.   Meat, usually pork, fish, or rabbit but other meats are known.   Plus seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Often with starchy vegetables like potatoes or rice.

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