While liches are still undead spell-casters. Scarterran liches are not the same as D&D liches. They are created differently, and admittedly Scarterrans are much easier to destroy than D&D liches because they don't have phylacteries.   A lich is an undead spell-caster. In terms of abilities, they are the same as any other fantasy lich. What sets Scarterran liches apart is fluff. In order to become a lich, a spell-caster must capture one of the mutilated souls left over from Greymoria ’s contribution to the rebellion and splice it into his/her own soul. It goes without saying that this process is unspeakably corrupting.   Elf spell-casters sometimes became liches in the Second Age, but human liches are far more common as humans are normally more concerned with cheating death than elves are.   Liches are basically free-wiled skeletons. They gain a bit of strength and robustness, but their true power is in their magic. Most liches are not very powerful in a hand-to-hand fight.     The humanoid mind was never intended to hold centuries worth of memories. All liches inevitably grow more and more insane as they get older. Paranoia and obsessive compulsive disorder are the most common afflictions Scarterran liches have, but a lich's madness can take almost any form.

Liches in That Can Swim

  Scaraquan are created in more or less the same manner as Scarterran liches and have the same strengths and weaknesses.   The main difference is cultural. Scarterrans believe that liches utilize the mutilated souls created during the the Divine Rebellion while Scaraquans believe they are legacies of the First Dead.

Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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