Guldur the lich

Guldur was a human Wizard of unknown origin who became a lich because of an obsessive desire to avoid his natural death.   After becoming a lich, his obsessives compulsive tendencies became even worse.  To avoid real and imagine enemies he set up a lair in some First Age ruins to hide and work on his magical resource.   He pretty much accompished very little, other than slay anyone who randomly stumbled into the outskirts of his lair, mostly orcs.

Mental characteristics

Mental Trauma

He has three obsessions.  1) not dying, 2) cleanliness 3) mathematical order.   Because of these derangements, Guldur was defeated by an adventuring party that by all rights he should have been able to obliterate.   He over applied abjurations which wasted a lot of quintessence.  About a third of his undead minions were janitors, not warriors, and once the Neshik the gnome where able to figure out the mathematical patterns in his lair, they were able to avoid most of the traps with ease.
1419 CE 1837 CE 418 years old
Circumstances of Death
killed by adventurers
Known Languages
Dwarven, Common, Draconic
Ruled Locations

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Cover image: Symbol of the Nine by Pendrake


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