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Bags of Holding

Bags of Holding are a magical item that is difficult to make but are widely coveted so theurgists and mages often go out of their way to enchant them.   Bags of Holding use advanced magic creating a miniature pocket dimension housed in the Astral Plane.   Bags of Holding let people carry large weights and volumes of items in a small space for a much lighter weight.   This is extremely useful for many people including but not limited to adventurers, military commanders, messengers, and merchants. Everyone would like a Bag of Holding, but only those who regularly carry very high value gear load outs can justify the expense of buying or making a Bag of Holding.   Most Bags of Holding are designed to be inconspicuous looking, so people don't try to steal them. Bags of Holdings are often stowed inside other containers such as backpacks.

Manufacturing process

The spellcaster in question has to create a pocket dimension in the Astral Plane and anchor it to a woven bag in the material plane. No easy task.   A divine caster must have Divine Crafts ●●●● and Spirit Magic ●●●●●.   Divine spell casters affiliated with Nami can make these Bags slightly easier than everyone else, but it's never easy.   A mage must have the Craft Permanent Magic Item Merits and be able to cast the Fifth Circle Conjuration Spell "Magic Pocket/Room"   Soft durable magical reagents are needed to make a Bag of Holding. Anything that can be spun or woven. Commonly the hair of magical creatures is used as can certain carefully harvested magical plants.   If weaveable magic reagents are not handy, a skilled alchemist can artificially manufacture weavable reagents by soaking ordinary thread and weaving in non-durable reagents. This process is slow and expensive however.   Whether found intact or artificially made, the reagents for a typical Bag of Holding tend to cost between 100 and 600 gold pieces depending on the carrying capacity of the bag in question.   It takes uncommon magical ability to enchant these bags, so there is often a 50% to 100% markup for Bags of Holding.


by Me with Hero Forge
-Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Circuit Priestess of Nami
"The very first Bag of Holding was created by the goddess Nami herself out of Turoch's hair. Nami stores winds, storms, and other elements of weather in her bag when she is not using them.   Even today, we Rovers are fairly prolific theurgist creators and users of Bags of Holding though overall wizards probably make more of these than we do.
  No magic item are truly common, but Bags of Holding are more common than most. They are very popular in the current age, being a legacy of Bags of Holding from the the Second Age.   If Bags of Holding were used in the the First Age, none have survived the First and Second Unmakings nor have any records of them.   I doubt the ancient dragons favored Bags of Holding. Bags of Holdings are relatively fragile and if they are severely damaged, there is a good chance you are going to lose the bag's contents for every. Dragon claws and fire can easily rupture a Bag of Holding by accident. Also, the ancient dragons preferred to flaunt their wealth rather than hide it away.
A cheap bag of holding costs about 100 gold pieces to manufacture and can hold about 500 pounds or 1000 cubic feet, whichever limit is hit first.   A mid range bag of holding costs about 250 gold pieces to manufacture and holds about 1000 pounds or 2000 cubic feet.   The best bags of holding cost about 600 gold pieces to manufacture and hold about 2000 pounds or 4000 cubic feet.
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