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New Wings Tatzel Cafe and Rescue

Everyone deserves a second chance!

"Not only is the food amazing, but you know your money is going to a great cause. I stop by at least once a week!"
— Excited customer

Purpose / Function

New Wings was founded by Akuma to have a place where she could break stigmas surrounding rescued tatzels while simultaneously earning the money to provide them the help they need. Akuma's best friend, Mochi, is the co-owner of the cafe and the mastermind behind its delicious recipes.

At the cafe, patrons can enjoy delicious home-baked goods and hot drinks in the company of rescued domesticated tatzels, which are all up for adoption. The experience is joyous and relaxing. It provides the customers additional company during their meal, as well as allowing the tatzels to be properly socialized to many types of people.

New Wings also doubles as a small veterinary office. Akuma only accepts rescued or stray tatzels. She is known for never turning a tatzel away, no matter how dire the situation is. She even takes sealed tatzels, which most veterinarians do not bother with.

About the Owners

Akuma (she/her)

Navy blue
Long, black with blue undertones
Violet (much cooler in tone than most lilthians)

Akuma is the primary owner of the cafe. She is a skilled vet that specializes in tatzels. She loves tatzels more than anything. It is her mission to alleviate the suffering of any tatzel she can. She hopes to see the day when wing sealing is criminalized.

Akuma owns six tatzels. Only two of them come home with her, and the other four stay in the cafe full-time. Three of her tatzels had their wings sealed in the past. The other three suffered similar abuse. Akuma's tatzels likely would not do well with any other owner; Akuma's skills are needed to help them with each of their unique struggles.

Mochi (they/them)

Coal black
Short, brown-toned black

Mochi has been friends with Akuma for many years. They are learning veterinary medicine from Akuma. Mochi handles the finer business details of the cafe. They are the one that interacts with the customers the most, as Akuma is often busy helping tatzels. Mochi owns two tatzels of their own, but considers all of the tatzels in the cafe to be honorary pets.

Where Mochi lacks in medicinal skill, they make up for in culinary talent. Mochi's baked treats are to die for, especially their famous cinnamon rolls. They always make fresh goods in the morning, filling the cafe with the delicious smell of bread and sugar. While the cafe now has many employees to help with the baking, regular customers agree that Mochi's work is always the best.

Akuma's Tatzels

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Dreamer is a female long-haired midnight tatzel. She had her wings sealed by her previous owners. Since it was too late for Akuma to correct the surgery, she instead removed the geneses of the wings to reduce Dreamer's suffering.

Dreamer is cautious and shy. While she has been well socialized, she sometimes experiences violent fits, attributed to the psychological damage of losing her wings. Since she is so unpredictable, Akuma keeps her at home, and does not allow her into the main room without her personal supervision.

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Spice is a male mottled albino long-haired tatzel. His wings were sealed by his previous owners. Spice's temperament is calmer than Dreamer's, but he still suffers from irritability and an overabundance of energy. Spice is friendly with cafe patrons, but can sometimes get moody with strange tatzels. Akuma only lets him into the main room when she knows for certain that he gets along with all of the tatzels in it. Spice stays in the cafe overnight, but must remain in his crate so he doesn't hurt any other tatzels.


Pebbles is a male russet spotted tatzel. He was rescued from off of the streets when a kind soul noticed his unusual coloration. It is not known why Pebbles was abandoned, as he is a sweetheart that would never hurt a fly.

Pebbles is one of the ambassadors for the cafe. He is always eager to meet new customers and loves to be petted by just about anyone. He stays at the cafe full time, even though Akuma would love to keep him to herself. He is unavailable for adoption because of underlying health issues that he acquired from life on the streets.

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Cyra is a blue patternless mouse-eared tatzel. Her wings were sealed by a previous owner. She has a lot of social trauma and does not like strangers. Akuma is the only person she trusts.

Cyra is only ever seen in the cafe when accompanying Akuma. She is always perched on Akuma's shoulder, watching cautiously. Cyra gets along well with the rest of Akuma's tatzels but mostly prefers to keep to herself.


Butters (named after his favorite snack) is a male ring-tailed tatzel. Though he lost his eye to an infection, he doesn't let that slow him down. He has a penchant for mischief and loves to cause trouble. He is another ambassador for the cafe, and often the example that Akuma cites when she is explaining just how much energy tatzels have.

Butters suffers from chronic pain because of his injuries, and so needs special treatment from Akuma daily. Because of her, he is able to live his life to his fullest.

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Egg is a female albino patternless tatzel with mouse ears. She is the third ambassador for the cafe and likes to participate in Butters's antics. She enjoys meeting new customers and is known to recognize regulars and greet them when they enter the store. Egg likes to pick an interesting customer and observe them as they eat. It is agreed that it is a great honor for Egg to sit at your table for the day.

Mochi's Tatzels

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Mochi intended to give Buddy a different name, but got so used to calling him "my little buddy" that it stuck. Buddy is a male albino tatzel. He is friendly and energetic, and loves to discover new things. He is always friendly to new tatzels, and is often the first new face that fresh rescues are introduced to.

While he likes everyone, he adores Mochi ferociously. He likes to divebomb them, climb in and out of their sleeves, and dash back and forth across their shoulders. Mochi pays no mind to any of this.

Placeholder Image by Aster Blackwell

Elephant, nicknamed "Ellie", is a female smokey hairless tatzel. Ellie is obsessed with tug-of-war and never gets tired of it. When she isn't battling the other tatzels in the cafe, she is dragging her favorite rope toy around for one of the customers to play with her.

Ellie is very vocal and will speak her mind if she's upset. Weak-willed customers will find themselves constantly pestered by her for yet another game of tug-of-war.


Main Room

The main dining and social area of the cafe is a large rectangular room with a very high ceiling. The front of the building has floor-to-ceiling windows. Smaller windows line the tops of two other walls. The back wall is solid with a door that leads to the employee-only areas.

Shelves, ropes, tunnels, and other climbing apparatus are fixed to the walls, allowing the tatzels to explore and play all over the cafe. A net made of thick ropes drapes across the whole ceiling. Tatzels like to dive in and out of the holes in the net, as well as hang upside-down on it, chase each other from one end to the other, and chew on the knots. The net was Akuma's idea. She has noticed that it is especially liked by the few sealed tatzels that are allowed in the big room.

A small trap door high on the wall leads to the back rooms of the building, which is where the tatzels' litter box is kept. It is also a place that they can go if they want to get away from the patrons for a while. Only tatzels that are litterbox trained are allowed out in the big room.

Adoption Gallery

The back wall is known as the Adoption Gallery. The names and details of each of the adoptable tatzels in the cafe are written and placed on the wall for patrons to see.

The information includes the general stats and background of the tatzel, as well as a recommendation of owner skill. Akuma generally does not let beginner tatzel owners adopt any of the cafe's tatzels, as the vast majority of them have extra needs beyond that which a beginner can provide.

Akuma's tatzels also roam the cafe. They are each marked with a bright purple collar to distinguish them from the tatzels that are up for adoption.

The Adoption Gallery allows patrons to get to know the tatzels more deeply, increasing the chances that they will bond with one and take it home.

On the floor are a scatter of cafe tables. Against one wall is the counter, where customers can order. The day's baked treats are set on display next to the counter.

The walls are also adorned with favorable reviews of the cafe, informational posters that discredit stigmas and myths about tatzels, and many posters describing the terrible consequences of wing sealing and why it should be outlawed.

Back Rooms

Beyond the social area are the employee-only areas of the building. This includes the quarantine rooms for sick tatzels, medical rooms for providing care, the crates and cages that the tatzels rest in for the night, and a small room dedicated for kitzels and other tatzels that are not fit to join the crowd outside.


At its first founding in late 1006, the cafe struggled for business. Nothing similar to New Wings had ever been done before, and it took a while for people to become comfortable with the idea. At the time there were lots of assumptions surrounding rescued tatzels. Many people thought that they were too feral to ever become pets again. Some believed it was a waste of resources to try and rehabilitate them and that they were better off dead.

Akuma held fast to her philosophy that no tatzel was unsavable and refused to give up on the cafe. At the same time, Mochi worked hard to improve business practices and draw in new customers. Bit by bit, the cafe rose in popularity.

New Wings's big break came when a critic gave the cafe a glowing review in the local newspaper. Business exploded over night. Since then, New Wings has seen continued growth. It now boasts 15 employees along with the two owners, which still work full-time. With so much extra help, Akuma and Mochi are able to save more tatzels--and bake more treats--than they could have ever imagined.

Founding Date
1006 PD
Cafe / Tearoom
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners

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Author's Notes

I was inspired to create this article by PanthersEye and Mochi on the Discord server! They have both shown incredible support for SanZera and I cannot thank them enough. I thought it would be fitting to feature them and their favorite SanZeran species--tatzels!--this WorldEmber!

Thank you both so much! I cannot express how much your kindness means to me.

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