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All the mortal beings die at some point, but that is far from being the end of their existence on Salan.  


The death is understood as the moment where the physical body of a person dies, becoming unresponsive, and starting to decay. This usually coincides with the separation of the soul from the body. However, a rare condition of Soulessness can cause the soul to separate without killing the body.   Some time after the death, the táldar of the deceased rises. This usually takes a couple days or weeks, but the process can be sped up by rituals. For example, contact with fire, such as in cremation seems to cause the táldar to rise almost instantly.  

Post-mortem existense

The táldar are immaterial, and invisible, and can pass through any physical objects with ease. However, they seem to be bound to their physical remains to some degree, and are reluctant to leave the vicinity of the remains of their body.

While the living are usually only able to communicate with the táldar of the people they are related to, the táldar can sense and communicate with each other without such boundaries. They are also more tuned into detecting other forms of spiritual creatures. These capabilities of the táldar make them useful intermediaries between the living and the spirits.

On the other hand, the táldar are vulnerable to attacks by the wild spirits, and need the protection of their living relatives against them.  


The táldar can remain on Salan for years, or even decades and if their connection to the world is kept strong by the living. Once their physical remains decay away, they slowly begin to fade. The spirit becomes harder to communicate with, and appears less frequently. When appearing, the spirit is often confused, gloomy or angry and begins to forget things of its living past. The fading spirits can be quite dangerous and unpredictable. Eventually the spirit's connection to the world breaks, and it passes on to Waumin, the land of the dead.
by Unknown, 4th century (wikimedia)
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