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Marina Curissar

Captain Marina Curissar (a.k.a. Ms. Swail)

"I suggest you invest what little you have left on a Light Elf motor company. I hear they're making a boom recently, and I want you to get rich again fast so I can come back and take it away!"
  An adventurous young woman that leads a crew of adventurers known as the Sailbridge Pirates. Known as one of the pirate queens thanks to her network of connections and allies, Marina primarily sails the waters around Areon to rob the rich and find hidden treasures. Marina treats her crewmates like her own friends, and they return the sentiment with a true sense of loyalty. Together, the pirates set out to find ways to get rich and satisfy their wanderlust.   She is, in truth, the daughter of the president of Benito, who ran away from home to avoid a lifestyle she would hate. Though Marina tries to keep this under wraps, the truth tends to slip out now and then. Because of the high bounty on her head being offered to anyone that finds her, she likes to wait until the reward reaches an exponentially high amount, getting someone from her crew to turn herself in and then breaking out with ease with the help of her friends and a few magic tricks.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Nimble, quick, and has enough stamina to keep an adventure going all day.

Facial Features

Wide, youthful blue eyes.

Special abilities

Marina is oddly fond of using fire and water magic together.
  • Bomb Cracker: A combination of fire magic, gravity alteration and basic Replication spells. Marina wreathes her cutlass in fire and creates a small cloud of gunpowder in front of her. She swipes her cutlass through it and her opponent to create a crackling explosion. Thanks to her selenite earrings, she is able to effortlessly divert some mana to prevent the explosion from hurting her or blowing her away in the process.
  • Badwater Surge: Marina quickly jabs her sword into the ground (or at least taps it), summoning a scalding geyser of water to erupt below an enemy close to her. She can also do this with colder water for pranks.
  • Pulse Shot: Marina creates a rune portal over the barrel over her gun to change the bullet's properties. The projectile becomes a concussive pulse of water, striking the enemy with enough force to hopefully knock them out, or at least knock them off their feet.
  • "Jinxed ya!": Marina uses a spell card she stole to make herself invisible and create an identical copy of herself. She uses the copy as a distraction/decoy target before striking the enemy from behind.
  • Tidal Wave: Pretty much exactly what it says in the name. Marina unleashes a massive wave to smash into the enemy.
  • "Can't we just call it quits already?": Marina decides to finish up the fight as quickly as possible by unloading multiple spells at once. She produces a chained claw that pulls the target near her, after which she launches them into the air with a geyser of water. Marina then leaps after them, launching multiple fireballs and Bomb Cracker slashes before trapping the target in a bubble. Upon landing, she shoots the bubble with her gun, creating a large explosion. She's very fond of using this on Nadia Alabaster.

Apparel & Accessories

Marina often dresses lightly, to put it one way. She'll often be found wearing some sort of bustier or tube/tank top under a red jacket. A buckle choker can be seen around her neck and a tricorne hat rests on her head, decorated with a skull and crossbones emblem on one side and a large red feather on top. Her skirt is black with a white ruffle at the bottom, held up by a white belt. Another belt wraps around her waist, but it doesn't really serve any purpose outside of her own fashion sense. Her gauntlets are made of leather, lightly armored at the back of the hand by a metal plate and all together tightened by no less than three belts each.   She...really seems to like belts, huh?

Specialized Equipment

  • Selenite Earrings: A pair of earrings with small, diamond-shaped selenite crystals embedded into them. Thanks to their small size and out-of-the-way placement, Marina can use these crystals as an amplifier for her magic spells without having to place crystals in her weapons or some other device. And they look pretty to boot! Their size, however, means that her magical boosts are rather limited in strength, as they have been handicapped during their coding process to prevent them from breaking or exploding right in front of the wearer's ears.
  • Cutlass: A cutlass she bought from a weaponsmith she was friends with. Supposedly made with a strong steel alloy, but has no supernatural properties otherwise.
  • Hand Ax: A small ax that Marina uses either in conjunction with her sword or as a backup when she can't use it. Can also be thrown.
  • MOZ-50: Allegedly stolen from some hapless adventurer that tried to cheat Marina out of a game of cards. The MOZ-50 is a non-lethal but extraordinarily painful pistol designed by the Snow Elvish arms company known as Arctaris Industries. It absorbs mana in the area around it to load up to twenty shots of ammunition, which in turn is composed of concentrated energy. The blasts fired from the MOZ-50 have enough force to dent steel, going as far as to crack bones if the target gets smacked by them enough times (or if point-blank, in some occasions). Because of this, the MOZ-50 can actually be a lethal tool if one actually bothers to get crazy with it, making the gun rather controversial as to what it should be classified as.
  • Pistol: A handgun Marina stole from a guardsman during a heist on a military gunship. It's nothing particularly flashy, and she isn't even sure what model or type of pistol it is, but she's taken a bit of a liking to it. Typically used along with her cutlass during fights.
  • A Fucking Flag: What better way to make an entrance than to slam your pirate flag into some chump's face? Okay, really, she doesn't use this unless she wants to make a statement. As a weapon, the flag is rolled up and the pole is used as a spear with a dull head.

Mental characteristics


Was formally educated at multiple high-class academies before she ran away at age nineteen.

Morality & Philosophy

An eternal rebel at heart, Marina believes that one should reach out for what they want regardless of what's in the way. However, despite her gung-ho philosophy, she believes that moral limits of some sort are required to keep yourself in check. While she will gladly rob people blind (leaving a small amount of cash for food and a way home), she refuses to mess with those that are already struggling to maintain their lifestyle or life in general. Should people under harsh circumstances be found, they must be helped at all costs.   Unlike most other pirates, Marina tries to avoid murder or excessive pillaging too. A fight isn't something she would avoid, but mortally wounding people is never an option for her. It is for this reason that she and her crewmates are known as pirates in name only, as despite committing thievery on a regular basis, she refuses to dive deeper into any sort of criminal underworld. This has led to most of her adversaries calling her out as though she treats her pirate adventures like a childish game.


Murder and stealing from the weak are completely off-limits to Marina, so she often shares her spoils with other people that need it more than her crew does.

Personality Characteristics


To sail the ocean and explore the world, gathering whatever riches and treasures she may come across.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very skilled at sleight of hand.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Treasure, gold, her beauty, belts, teasing people, the ocean, sea stars, cooking   Dislikes: Her father, Nadia Alabaster, "That one wolf from the Swallow's Tower ship," learning Orcish, cheaters ("It's fine when pirates do it!")

Virtues & Personality perks

Marina is very easy-going and is willing to reach out to people in need, going as far as to share her treasury with people she barely knows.

Vices & Personality flaws

She's rather immature, a bit selfish, and has little sense of responsibility unless it involves the well-being of her crew. She's quick to resort to childish, sometimes nonsensical insults when frustrated.


Family Ties

Her father is the president of Benito. They apparently don't get along very well, but her father always longs for her return.

Social Aptitude

Charming and a bit of a flirty tease, Marina acts very extroverted and treats those around her with a sense of casual respect. She feels that treating people this way is a fun method to get them to ease up quickly and as a result displays this behavior to almost everyone regardless of social standing.


Marina likes to speak in a playful, coy manner, especially when teasing others.


Marina Curissar

Friendly Enemy (Important)

Towards Nadia Alabaster



Nadia Alabaster

Stupid Bitch (Important)

Towards Marina Curissar



Relationship Reasoning

Marina and Nadia encountered each other so many times over the course of their journies that they became friendly enemies. They enjoy fighting each other and occasionally spend time just hanging out.

Wealth & Financial state

Marina has amassed mountains of money and treasure, but how much she has on hand depends on the moment since she tends to spend it or sell it. There are times when they won't even have enough money to repair or buy a new ship!
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Pirate Queen
Year of Birth
1996 22 Years old
Shipwreck Cove
Light Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
"It's a secret~!"
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Euneti, Grammatically Incorrect Orcish
Appears in...

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Cover image: Blue Flower by Astero .
Character Portrait image: by Avarice Aeon


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