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An alternate version of Earth that takes the form of an anachronistic "modern" fantasy. Aside from various similarities found within its cultures, the layout of the land is different compared to the real world, with abnormalities including a massive abyss of a crater that can be seen from space located in what would be eastern Africa. Known for it's abundance of selenite, an unpredictable yet potentially controllable type of magic crystal, which even one of its two moons is made out of.   Multiple countries, kingdoms, and empires scatter the world, with the kingdom of Lunaria being worth special mention due to its culture and religion revolving around selenite and other gemstones in general. Beneath the ocean, however, lies an empire of Atlanteans, amphibious humanoids who, in a similar vein to Lunaria, revolve their religion around selenite and the planet's moons.   However, a large, separate portion of their race are comprised of vindictive zealots who wish to invade the kingdoms on the land in a brutal crusade, believing they are stealing their connection to the moon and aim to harm it with false belief (unlike the other half of their race, which prefers to live in isolation unless it involves something to gain). The zealots, among other beings attempting to spread their influence over the world, have sent many hardships and changes towards its inhabitants. Yet, being a thriving world of possibility, Sagrea's people are always ready to welcome them, whether with open arms or swords in their hands.