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Neo Verge

The Primal Guardians started as an ideological movement was first established by Avron Blackwood the World Warden. As Avron appeared among the helpless mechants and pilgrims who traveled the the jungles many were set upon by monsters and beasts. Avron saved them in return for pledges of aid to which the World Warden utilized to gather like minded individuals and remove those who objected to his views.   Many turned to the Guardians who grew in number but more still held faith that their work would be rewarded within the next life. For within the nation of Verge Comunos was hailed as the highest of all the Gods.   Together along side the growing populace who followed Blackwood's teachings the movement became a revolution. The army had many who turned upon their former masters but it was the beasts, hunters, and warriors of the woods who turned the tide with their primal powers. The nobility fought for years over pitched battles with the Primal Guardians but eventually they were overthrown and the aristocracy was killed or had their riches taken. In place of the former Kingdom a new nation was born with people given choice over their actions as the nation has become more like a large tribe or anarchy.   Ruled by the druid council who have harnessed magic and nature in exchange for a less technological society. While not entirely evil there is little law above the strong taking from the weak and most cities are ruled by fear and numbers.

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