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Beastblood Circle


Beastbloods rarely interact with each other save for the few traditional moots that any Beastblood is free to join. Among these moots smaller circles are formed with the many different factions among Beastbloods ranging from Alpha Predators who bond with the strongest animals to Lords of the Wild who manage the animals within their domain to Chimera Turned those who have lost their humanity.   The closest form to organization Beastbloods have is with mentors and cubs, to join the Beastblood Cricle they must convince an active member to teach them the secrets of the circle. Occasionally a child will be left to the wilds and some of the kinder Beastbloods will take the child and raise them as their own.

Public Agenda

Druids, Rangers, and Wardens belonging to the circle form lasting bonds with all kinds of animal life and honor and respect the ways of animals, including the nature of predator and prey.   The Beastblood Circle wishes to preserve the cycle of predation that comes naturally to the primal. To this end hunting for food and clothing is acceptable so long as care is made to insure the prey are plentiful for all predators.


The only material assets that the circle has gathered are the metal weapons and gold that have been taken from trophy hunters and those who despoil the land. These cast into remote areas with little life so that they do not interfere with the natural order.

Tenets of Faith

  • Preserve the natural order in all things.
  • Protect the beasts from the cunning of mortals.
  • Foster unity with the creatures of the wild.


The most debated and contested tenant is "Foster unity with the creatures of the wild" as each Beastblood has their own view. To the more virtuous and lawful this tenant is to bring both mortal and beast together while the less innocent consider the tenant only to be kept to themselves. Regardless a Beastblood will not outright kill on sight any civilized traveler passing through some of the more sinister Beastbloods will find any excuse.


Most who join the Beastblood Circle are druid though there are a number of rangers and wardens. A few even have joined the primitive forms of civilizations allowed in Neo Verge and lead communities to worship of the primal and beast.

Granted Divine Powers

The Beastblood Circle is known for their prowess at communication with the animals of the wild. To this end those who join the circle are granted a greater understanding with their animal companions allowing easier communication between mortal and beast.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Beastbloods are mostly part of the isolationist faction among the Primal Guardians but are among the first to come when called to war.


Among the Beastbloods are many factions that come as numerous as the variety of animals that exists. Most populace among the circle are Alpha Predators, warriors who have joined the beasts to better their experience and prowess when hunting. While the Lords of the Wild have chosen a domain from which they become a part of, their abilities often placing them as the apex though a few speak for greater creatures. The weakest and most looked down upon are the Chimera Turned, those who have lost their connection to the world and have been twisted by the primal.

Religious, Druidic Circle
Alternative Names
Beast brothers, animal whisperers, wolf born
Neo Verge

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