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41% Human
31% Elf
11% Half-Elf
27% Other


Greenheart is the capitol of the Neo Verge theocracy with Druids holding absolute authority over. Each district within the city is held under the control of a specific circle while the Inner Circle of the Primal Guardians holding power over all other circles.


Besides the natural defenses of the forest and loyal animals that surround the city the number of druids, rangers, and other such warriors are prepared to lay down their lives for Neo Verge and it's capitol.


There is very little Greenheart wants for and does not get in the various druids taxing. What is mostly given and traded is information and druidic lore. While some secrets are kept many will share their techniques in growing crops or how to handle horses in return for something they deem of equal value.


Neo Verge is little more than a large gathering of disparate tribes each with their own laws but all following the same ideal of communion with nature. What few instances of technology and infrastructure are where magic and nature cannot provide a equal result and even then magic is often used to influence nature to assist when possible. Examples include trees made to grow across gaps to form bridges or rocks hollowed to create buildings.

Guilds and Factions

Home to the Inner Circle of the Primal Guardians a great many druidic circles make their home either within the town or nearby. Due to each circle having their own idea as to how to work within nature there have been conflicts as the circles form factions based on similar beliefs.   Druids belonging to circles focusing on animals are called Beastkin. These druids form bonds with many different forms of animal life and focus on the natural link between mortal and animal. Even among other druids Beastkin are considered barbaric for while Beastkin respect the ways of animals this often including the nature of predator and prey.   Many druids join circles dedicated to plants and other natural fauna. Known as Caretakers they nurture the life that comes from the earth. Be it trees, plants, farms, or gardens are where they roam Caretakers work to catalogue the plants they encounter and their use.   A few druids venerate seasonal changes and the movement of the sun and moon. The Calendar Druids manage dates, seasons, and time while worshiping the sun and or the moon. Many a circle within this faction will focus on a particular season be it the bright and life affirming spring, antagonistic and hot headed summer, morbid and indulgent fall, or fierce and uncaring winter.


Near the former capitol of the Verge kingdom when the Primal Guardians overthrew the despotic nobility rather than claim the city for themselves they began to tear down the walls and buildings to create a new city in the former king's forest.


Many building and structures are made with magic transforming the surrounding environments to better suit mortal needs without harming the natural expressions of nature. For those who cannot craft their home from magic the alternative is adobe buildings made to serve their needs.   Districts are split into the druidic circles that have claimed the areas and settled rather than live in nomadic packs. While there is farming most who cannot hunt are expected to work to feed the city while the hunters provide meat.


Thanks to the number of druids the land has quickly retaken most of civilization making forests surround most of the city. Were it not for the great tree in the center that towers above the hills marking the capitol and making it possible to navigatte.

Natural Resources

While it has taken some time for the land to recover from the previous kingdom the land is lush with trees, stone, flora and fauna there is very little metal deposits as much of the land had been strip mined.

Alternative Name(s)
The Capitol, Druidhome, Heart of the Wild
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Neo Verge
Owning Organization
Primal Guardians
Characters in Location

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