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Avron Blackwood

Avron Blackwood (a.k.a. the World Warden)

Physical Description

Body Features

Should anyone attempt to feel Avron's skin they will find not flesh and blood but fine sand that stands still as rock, moving only with Avron's will. His control over his body is so precise none have noticed the change.

Special abilities

Having reached the apex level of a Warden Avron has ceased to age and become an elemental. Due to his prowess he has hidden this from everyone but he believes the Guardians will fear stagnation from an immortal leader.

Apparel & Accessories

The World Warden wears the furs of great beasts he has slain and wields his enchanted shillelagh in battle. When not acting as the World Warden Avron wears simple linens as he did when alone in the woods.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Avron grew up the son of an builder, he learned how to work with clay before he even learnt how to talk. Avron's father was like a god to the child, taking care of the child when he was sick and thinking up ways to better improve the home that he and Avron lived in. Avron's father hammered into him the mantra, "Built a better future!"—words Avron always treasured and kept to heart.   However, at the age of twelve, Avron snapped when another boy made fun of the poor architect that was his father. Outraged, Avron attacked the boy and was badly beaten by the larger bully. Returning to his father he asked for help, after tending to his son's wounds Avron's father went to speak to the bully's parents. What Avron did not know was the child who had taunted and beat Avron was the son of the king's architect, the boss of Avron's father. Avron's father went to his boss in hopes the older man would rein in his bully of a son. Instead the Architect had his guards cut down the builder for the perceived offense. Avron who had followed his father saw everything and just as the architect ordered his guards to find and kill the him Avron fled. Avron then understood that life is insignificant to the world as a whole: he was no one. It was this revelation, along with learning the cold-hard truth about his father's death, Avron finally fled blindly into the woods.   Avron did not know how long he ran for but eventually he found himself lost in the woods near Verge. Upset and half dead from exposure Avron called out to the world for justice, vengeance, or even a little help and fell to his knees, and something answered. A presence came to Avron and granted the boy the power to change the world as a Warden, in return he would serve the Primordial. With his newfound power Avron did not just survive in the woods, he thrived.   Almost a dozen years later, Avron had formed Primal Guardians, all likeminded people who knew of the corruption and failings of the country and several year later the Guardians managed to over throw the nation of Verge. After wrecking his vengeance destroying everything the architect had built and slaying both father and son Avron and his Primal Guardians established a new nation Neo Verge free of the wickedness of civilization and revealing the harsh rules of the world.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Avron Blackwood is the founder and leader of the Primal Guardians. With the Guardians Avron overthrew and established his organization as the leaders of Neo Verge with himself as the unspoken leader above all.

Mental Trauma

Avron Blackwood was tormented by his fathers death which influenced him greatly. It was from this loss Avron saw civilization as contemptible for hiding the brutal nature of the world.

Intellectual Characteristics

Avron Blackwood is judgemental, patient, focused, and dedicated.

Morality & Philosophy

As the World Warder Avron believes it is his duty to protect the primal forces of nature by dismantling all but the most basic forms of civilization. He


Avron Blackwood will not willingly use any metals nor will he sleep in a man-made building.

Personality Characteristics


Avron believes the world is uncaring and only the strong can survive. To that end he wishes to remove the veneer that civilization brings and show everyone how harsh the world is.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Avron Blackwood is a skilled leader and combatant. He has utilized cunning and ruthlessness to build a nation and enforce his will over an entire country. But he has lost touch with his humanity and every day it erodes ever so slightly.

Likes & Dislikes

Avron like strength, nature, and control. He hates civilization, lies, and weakness.

Virtues & Personality perks

Avron Blackwood is righteous, honest, and noble. Avron has mixed luck.

Vices & Personality flaws

Avron is deceitful, wrathful, and Cultish. Avron has mixed luck.

Personality Quirks

Avron occasionally forgets to breath after he became an elemental. While many attribute him as stoic and unmoving the World Warden actually has to actively mimic human behavior.

Wealth & Financial state

Avron Blackwood can take anything he wants from Neo Verge and has an army of both people and beasts who will follow him to their death. But besides his cave, furs, and some trophies of inconsequential value Blackwood has nothing of wealth save his enchanted shillelagh.

Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Neo Verge
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The World Warden
Current Residence
Neo Verge
Biological Sex
187 lbs
Aligned Organization
Primal Guardians

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