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Physical Description

Body Features

His gray hair is short and lank and he has a stubble-covered jaw. He has long arms and large hands but the rest of the features about him are average and forgettable.

Special abilities

Arthal has a strong resistance to poisons including immunity to specific kinds.

Apparel & Accessories

Arthal likes to wear layers of clothing that can be easily removed depending on the need. Under each layer is a different look that attracts the attention away from his face.

Specialized Equipment

Arthal is a trained spy and assassin with his skill in daggers considered to be among the deadliest in the world.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born a poor street urchin Arthal made due with pinched pockets and stolen scraps from wherever he could stomach. Until Arthal was caught by a guardsman while pinching a pocket. Instead of death as was normal punishment Arthal was press ganged into service along with other such children who had been caught. Their lives were in the hand of the spymaster of the kingdom, Thrane Vakis, the Circus Master, named for the elaborate shows he would put on with children and young men. In truth the plays were distractions so those Thrane had trained would infiltrate and spy upon nobles and merchants who could endanger the kingdom. Arthal was one such boy given small doses of a slow poison and told to work for a cure. The boys taken by Thrane were many at first but even failing once meant death. Some of the children were caught and others failed their mission all fell to the poison. Arthal grew close to those who he worked and trained with but the life of a spy is harsh and soon only a few survived to grow into adults. By then the spies had gained resistance to the poison and were given a choice, work for gold or leave never to be seen again. A few left but whispers said those that did were buried rather than allowed to flee.   Arthal and his crew grew as close as family and accepted jobs as spies. Now paid with gold instead of poison a few of the spies even managed to find lives outside of their work. But even the most experienced spy makes a mistake or is unlucky and a mission fails and many a widow asked Arthal why their husband had died and why they were to do, but to keep his job and protect his men Arthal could not tell them anything. The worst was when the spymaster himself had sent a man to fetch Arthal and his team before the mission had finished. In giving Arthal new orders the spies were uncovered and many were killed outright, Arthal grew angry but he could not fight the man who had practically raised him, instead he asked for a dowery to be given to the widows and children of his men who died because Lord Vakis had such an urgent mission. The Circus Master laughed and told the man that their lives were meant to be used and cast aside, wives and children were to real people not poisoned clowns.   The Primal Guardians had been growing in numbers and power and Arthal was sent along side his men to infiltrate and cut off the head of the rebels. Instead it was Arthal who came to Avron with a pledge of loyalty. The spy saw what the Guardians had planned to do and pledged along side his men to overthrow the wicked king and heartless spymaster. Arthal began to send false reports back to Thrane Vakis further weakening the kingdom and it's attempts to destroy the Guardians. With all of the knowledge Arthal and his men held the Primal Guardians were easily able to infiltrate the palace and kill the young king causing infighting over succession. The nobility were better equipped but the people flocked to the banner of the Primal Guardians. Arthal's greatest moment was when he managed to catch Thrane flee under a disguise. While a few nobles had been thrashed and left to their own devices Thrane was killed by the same poison he had used on Arthal as a child.   Eventually the kingdom fell and a new nation arose in it's place with Arthal as one of the leaders among the Primal Guardians.


Arthal has been a street urchin, a thief, a trained performer, and a spy.

Intellectual Characteristics

Arthal is known to be sociable, altruistic, conscientiousness, neurotic, adaptable, and Insightful.

Morality & Philosophy

Raised an urchin and a spy Arthal has little morality save protecting people he is close to. For the most part this is the spies whom he trained with and those he works with.

Personality Characteristics


Arthal wants to protect those he cares about and improve the standing of his nation. He hates all nobility and would overthrow every monarchy if he could.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Even with his training to act sociable Arthal lacks the ability to connect to strangers and often just acts out emotions of happiness he does not have. But as he is an expert actor and judge of character Arthal can pass for likable to almost anyone.

Likes & Dislikes

Arthal likes only a few people. Arthal hates aristocrats, corruptions, and mistreating the young and unfortunate.


Unless the job calls for it Arthal keeps himself immaculate to better infiltrate high class functions on a moments notice. While on the job Arthal can become as dirty as needed with only a modicum of discomfort.

Wealth & Financial state

Arthal has given most of his wealth to the families of fallen subordinates. While he keeps the ruined ancestral home of the Vakis family he he only lives within the separate servants hovel which is well maintained. The most of Arthal's wealth comes from his enchanted arms and armor including dagger of darkness.

Chaotic Good
Current Location
Neo Verge
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Shadowmaster, the Poisoned Clown, the Quiet Leader.
132 lbs
Aligned Organization
Primal Guardians

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