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Primal Guardians


The inner circle of the Primal Guardians is said to rule over the faithful though in truth most follow the World Warden religiously and see the rest of the Inner Circle as his acolytes. Each member of the Inner Cirlce has one or more circles under their control or at the very least the circle has pledged their support to a specific member of the inner circle. Among each circle there are elders, masters, or leaders while a few circles are anarchists as each represents a different aspect of nature. Below the druidic circles are the other residents of Neo Verge who while not active members of the Guardians every member of the nation can be called upon to serve the Primal Guardians for war and defense.

Public Agenda

Protect nature, commune with the primal, and fight against civilization.


The Primal Guardians hold a nations coffers though many have taken a vow of poverty seeing wealth is a tool of civilization. Instead the Guardians hold the greatest magical artifacts and weapons in the country and have arms and equipment for those who would defend the nation.


The Primal Guardians started as an ideological movement was first established by Avron Blackwood the World Warden. As Avron appeared among the helpless mechants and pilgrims who traveled the the jungles many were set upon by monsters and beasts. Avron saved them in return for pledges of aid to which the World Warden utilized to gather like minded individuals and remove those who objected to his views.   As world of a Primal Guardian spread Avron began preaching to the populaces of towns burdened by high taxes and vile nobility. The country had long since become rife with corruption from the aristocracy who saw the classes beneath them as less than beasts. andat best a noble would treat a commoner as a tool to be used and discard when broken. But Avron found one noble who believed otherwise, his name was Ryland Holt, but the other nobles were jealous of Ryland and the love the common folk held for Ryland. Just as Ryland was to be killed by a mob whipped into a frenzy by the corrupt nobility a great beast attacked making the villagers to flee in terror. That beast turned out to be Avron who saw within Ryland the same despair and anger he had. The World Warden saved Ryland and told him of the plan to destroy the nation, Ryland readily agreed to see the nation and even the world burn.   Many turned to the Guardians who grew in number but more still held faith that their work would be rewarded within the next life. For within the nation of Verge Comunos was hailed as the highest of all the Gods. Their faith protected them as they made excuses for the nobility but the priests of Comunos too had become as corrupted as the nobles thanks to indulgences. Because their sins could be paid for the nobility was not conscious of their failings and the church's priests, many of whom belonged to noble families, became increasingly greedier. Though there were a few priests and priestess who attempted to reform the church, most were bullied into silence or outright excommunicated. Those that still persisted like Maywin were locked away in a dark dungeon never to be seen again. Instead Avron freed the priestess who agreed to help him tear down the church and the nobility who supported their corruption. With her knowledge of the holy books and the churches sins she began tearing down the objections of the faithful and turning them to the Guardians side.   With the Guardians growing in numbers and power, word finally got to the King and his aristocrats about sedition among the peasants. The spymaster, a noble who had trained desperate men to spy and kill for the aristocracy called for his best spies to infiltrate and kill the leaders of this revolt. But it was Arthal and the few spied who had survived the spymasters machinations who came to Avron with a pledge of loyalty. The spy saw what the Guardians had planned to do and pledged along side his men to overthrow the wicked king and heartless spymaster. With the spy giving false evidence to the kingdom and showing the Primal Guardians the secrets of Verge the Kingdom was easily struck a heavy blow. The king was assassinated while almost a quarter of the soldiers all vanished from their barracks.   Together along side the growing populace who followed Blackwood's teachings the movement became a revolution. The army had many who turned upon their former masters but it was the beasts, hunters, and warriors of the woods who turned the tide with their primal powers. The nobility fought for years over pitched battles with the Primal Guardians but eventually they were overthrown and the aristocracy was killed or had their riches taken. In place of the former Kingdom a new nation was born with people given choice over their actions as the nation has become more like a large tribe or anarchy.   Years have passed since the founding of the Primal Guardians and most have retired from active duty. Though many are seen as the the leaders and law of the nation only the World Warden is still active. Their enforcing of neo-luddite communities mean druids and their magic are required to survive in the harsh land but with Arvon and his inner circle in control the nation has recovered from the scars of war and the nation is well on it's way to recovery.

Demography and Population

37% Human
30% Elf
23% Half-Elf
10% Other


The Primal Guardians control the entirety of Neo Verge though their numbers are spread thin.


The Primal Guardians have no standing army save for the Druids who have sworn themselves to fight for the Guardians. Instead the populace are told that they may be called upon to fight for their nation.


Guyre and The Hunger are seen as the patron deities of Neo Verge. Law enforce Neo-Luddite communities leaving a reliance on Druids and their ability to shape wood and aide in farming the land.

Foreign Relations

The Primal Guardians are open to all traders so long as they follow the laws of Neo Verge and do not attempt to bring in any processed metals and respect nature. While other nations see the country as a target the fanatical following and the ability that the Guardians have shown in their establishing a nation has given the other countries pause for now.

Agriculture & Industry

While all industrial innovations have been forcibly removed from the country it has seen a boom in agriculture as the natural world has rapidly reclaimed the lands that had once been the sprawling estates of nobility.

Trade & Transport

While there is some trade between the tribes most make due with what they have, their life is harsh but more simple and their own to control.

Civilization is wicked / Return to nature

Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
Primal Warriors, War Druids, and Luddite
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Head of Government
Avron Blackwood
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
There is very little that traders would want and even less that people would give away. With much of the trade being done with barter only the slain beast pelts, alchemical related plants, and druidic teachings are shared.
Major Imports
There is very little that traders can take with them that the nation will want and much of their trade is forbidden as corrupting influences of civilization. At most books an arcana are the only things widely imported.
Legislative Body
Druids are the law of the land, while many have abandoned their communities for hermitage or to be closer to the primal a few oversee the small settlements as leaders or wisemen to leaders.
Judicial Body
The Inner Circle of the Primal Guardians make all rules though a few communities have specific rules as their are under the control of lone Druids.
Neo Verge
Controlled Territories

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