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The Endless Sea

The Endless Sea is a vast body of water located to the south-west of Reshnia. Despite its name, the Endless Sea is actually an ocean. The Endless Sea is home to a massive array of life, ranging from simple fish to sentient creatures such as the Cecaelia and the Tritons.


While the surface of the Endless Sea is like any other large body of water, what lies underneath is much more unique. The massive sprawling cities of Cecaelia and Aventi sit deep under the surface, covering the jagged rocky landscape. Massive geysers heat underground tunnels, both natural and artificial, allowing many living creatures to call them their home. Between the jagged rocks are fields of sand, varying in color depending on the region, from grey to golden to even pink in some more elusive areas. In the deeper regions of the Endless Sea, the Tritons make their homes amongst massive stone pillars, relics of a race long gone from the world.

Fauna & Flora

I have a ton of creatures that live here on the back burner, but for now I'm going to leave this with a filler message, because I feel like you guys prefer reading stuff about the characters you already know.

Natural Resources

Due to the large assortment of plants and fish that live in the Endless Sea, the region is often used for fishing and harvesting. Many of the creatures and plants found in this region are used for food and traditional medicines, making it a consistent, albeit dangerous, place to earn money.

Location under

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