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The Island of Lish is a small island located off the west coast of Reshnia. Despite its distance from the mainland, Lish is still considered part of Reshnia, and has both open borders and frequent trade routes with its much larger neighbor. Its only major settlement, Westport, is known best for thier Verbanion farms.


Lish, like many regions in Reshnia, is covered primarily in forests, with regions having been cleared to accommodate those who have made the island their home. The region is covered in many hills, with the coasts primarily consisting of large, rocky cliffs and gravel covered beaches.

Fauna & Flora

Lish hosts a large ecosystem of various flora and fauna, with many species matching those on the nearby continent of Reshnia. Most notably, Lish is one of the only regions in all of Ruten to be home to Verbanions, massive beetle-like creatures with exoskeletons rivaling Titanium in hardness.

Natural Resources

Due to the small amount of land comparatively, Lish does not grow many of its own crops, instead choosing fishing as its primary source of food. This has lead to fish being a frequent export from the island, both to its neighboring islands and to Reshnia itself. The island also thrives off of its skilled craftsworkers who work with materials that have been imported or are found naturally on Lish, along with a significant tourism industry. Most other materials that the island needs are imported from Reshnia.

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