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Mountain dwarf

The mountain dwarves excel in the subterranean kingdoms throughout much of Runetalras, they are as strong and hardy as the stone in which they make their home. Many mountain dwarves never head to the surface of Runetalras, never seeing sun nor sky, instead dwelling within the stone. The histories of the dwarves tell us that the mountain dwarves are the closest to their prehistory ancestors and they cling to their traditions and customs. The mountain dwarves were the first of the dwarves to create a mighty empire, and since it's fall have been burgeoning to restore it.  

Physical Description

  The mountain dwarves are on average the tallest of the dwarven ethnicities. They have light skin that is fair or lightly tanned and green or silvery blue eyes with long light brown or red hair, growing white or gray with age. Most males and even some females have large beards and mustaches. The females are slightly shorter and less heavy than the males.   Homelands They are also the most common dwarves among the Free States, Yhess Kingdoms, and in both the Kasari Dominion and Velgan Empire. The mountain dwarves' greatest kingdom is the Kingdom of Aran'Nack, which is a joint dwarven and gnomish kingdom. The mountain dwarves can also be found in great numbers with the Kasari region of Zwerthaig, and Velgan Province of Karthaig.
Parent ethnicities

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