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Blood Swept Council

Little is truly known about Blood Swept Council, although they did not title themselves the Blood Swept Council, that was a later invention of singers and bards. We do know the Council was composed of nine humans spellcasters; Anaxxis the Black, Theodora Hellanor, Bloodcrow, Morganath the Enchantress, Curonir of Whispers, Myrin the Forger, Tyrissa of Miran, the Violet Shadow, Unburning One.   During the Age of Conquest the Kingdom of Avadel was over stretched economically and militarily, rebellions brewed within its colonies, and the petty Human kingdoms tore chunks from its borders. It was in this context that the Blood Swept Council rose up and overthrew its Caesar and usurped power.   Once the Blood Swept Council entered power they enacted the Ritual at Kirthlath, which was intended to provide them with an army to stabilise and expand Avadel; instead the Ritual at Kirthlath destroyed Avadel, shattered the Seldori Flatlands turning them into the Seldori Range, obliterated the city of Kirthlath, and began the Age of Blood. All members of the Blood Swept Council were presumed to have died as a result of the Ritual at Kirthlath as none were seen again.   The Blood Swept Council were known to possess power artefacts known as the Foci Staves, which were lost with the Council.

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