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Transport District

The Transport District is a clean system that keeps a simple design. You go in, you come out no questions as long as you have the money for it. The more dangerous the job the more expensive it gets. Maps and escorts can get expensive very quickly so only those either desperate enough or wealthy enough can afford it. Many expeditions and adventures begin in the Transport District joining strangers who are willing to risk their lives for a fortune. These rowdy individuals are what keep it a lively place despite the constant dread of each trip being sent out has a chance of never coming back. Escorts isn't the only way that the Transport District makes its money, a wide variety of vendors make their home in the Transport District hoping to attract the eye of travelers with an eye for the exotic. Renzeaus has three individual experts of their respective territories as Elder Siblings and one who works as the tax master for the markets. Sorbel the transport master for The Yotto Districts, she barely ever deals with customers personally and usually hands off the transport to whoever is familiar with their destination. Elaxander the representative of the OIT travel brigade, he tries to accommodate anybody with even a little coin to spare and always shows pity to the unfortunate. Darnel is the representative of the Lawsworn transport and if you don't have proper documentation you’re not getting through. It doesn't matter if it's real or fake as long as you have it because without it you have no safe way to enter the territory. Then there's the famous exotic goods trader Michelle the jovial, she loves meeting new people and finding rare items to add to her stock. She has seen so much and yet so little that the strange never ceases to amuse her.


The District itself feels more like a bazaar filled with goods traders from all over taking advantage of the location selling strange and unique oddities. The people that live here are welcoming and kind due to the exposure of other cultures. You can find all kinds of people and travelers, from high ranking officials to bottom of the barrel swindlers. The transport district welcomes all provided they bring something to table. Entire blocks are dedicated to shops filled with oddities and forgein goods, assaulting travelers with a culture shock that can be a bit overwhelming. There are three main bases for the transport guilds placed at each corner of the District.
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