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The Yotto Districts

The Districts are comprised of eight separate areas dedicated to funding The Yotto Brothers and a single massive castle where The Yotto Brothers manage their bureaucratic methodology of wealth and distribution. These eight districts are as follows; The Transport District which acts as the hub of The Yotto Districts where you can find expert teams of cartographers and escorts to help get you to where you need to go safely, The People's District where a majority of Yotto's working class resides when not working in Castle Yotto or any other District, The Medical District where advanced medical technicians go to learn new developed methods and where you can acquire rare and exotic narcotics, The Worship District in which all gods are accepted both good and evil in a constant struggle of balance, The Tech District where new developments in Mana Core technology are being studied as well as a constant defense against The Omnipresence which invade due to the borders being closer than any other District, The Arms District practices building and transporting High Powered Magical Implements to the far reaches of RUIN, The Midnight District where common workers go for relaxation and is said to own a secret spy ring, and finally the Entertainment District in which nobles have taken the place as their home and use it for their own recreation. These eight Districts make up the idea that in The Yotto Brother's territory anybody can become anything.


The surface of The Yotto Districts slowly inclines the further north or east you travel until it cascades upwards into the Entertainment District and Castle Yotto with veer down at the other Districts from its high walls. Unlike the other faction territories the Undercity area of The Districts is not too different from the surface. The Undercities are usually where the lower income families can afford to live and on occasion struggle from monster attacks District guards lack the resources to help. Out at the edge of the Transport District is a steep natural wall that slopes down into the OIT and gradually lowers incline the closer you get to the Tech District where The Omnipresence has been making its frontal assaults creating difficulties for those who wish to relocate to The Yotto Districts.

Natural Resources

The Yotto Districts house nearly a monopoly of Zenith Farms making them the main source of food on RUIN and allowing them to trade for important resources that they require for expeditions into the Green and Grey Layer. With a more diversified underground area than the other regions The Yotto Brothers have been able hire teams to explore the depths of RUIN to collect powerful artifacts and rare pieces of technology that are still being researched for what their secrets may hold. These teams are a dime a dozen and often don't come back so paying for equipment can get expensive.
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The Districts, The Eight Great
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