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Elder Sibling

When there is a call for the Administrator of a District it has to go through the Elder first. They are an Admin's officers and if they do their job right the Admin won't even know something happened. They manage the working parts to the Districts and are the first line of defense against possible enemies, threats, and potential rivals. They know their space better than anybody and are quick to use it when threatened. Many stories are told of hotshots thinking they can waltz into a District and take it for themselves never to be heard of again.


Administrators personally select their Elders knowing that this possition requires not only a great deal of compitency, but an even greater amount of trust


To manage their area designated by the Admin.


Once they have been appointed a position in their Administrator's power structure they are required to manage that space with utmost efficiency.


An Elder has nearly as much power as their Admin giving them the ability to turn their designated portion of the District into their own paradise.
Civic, Political
Form of Address
Big Brother/Sister
Source of Authority
Their District's opinion
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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