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The Admin that runs a District is what defines it, because at the end of the day their District is built on their vision of success. This can mean anything from public service and good will to malicious actions and wealth through skull duggery. Each Admin fills their shoes quite well by building up their reputations through favor and notoriety to gain power through adoration or fear. This has caused individuals to rise up and follow their beliefs of true power dividing the Districts even further to act with what could only be described as gang activity. These rivalries have never grown outside of street fights and violence behind closed doors, but every day suspicions of who will take out who and when.


The only way to become an Admin is to take down an Admin, if you can as an individual gain the favor of the people and forcibly take the position away from an Admin then the position is yours.


Stay true to your ideology and to not let anybody look down on you


An Admin is required to make their share earnings based on the average profit margin each month


As an Admin you're able to pursue your ambitions with the money and power that comes with the position
Civic, Political
Alternative Naming
Source of Authority
The popularity amongst their people
Related Locations
Related Organizations

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