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The Yotto Brothers

After the war of the samurai two powerful individuals rose to power and claimed the area that was once part of Captain Lawsworn's Legion for themselves. These two were known as The Yotto Brothers and with their cunning wits and killer business strategy quickly whipped their new found lands into their image of success. The area was broken up into eight districts and Castle Yotto standing as the bureaucratic capital. Each district brought its own merits to the table as powers rose to the claim to opportunity to show their skills. Each district is run by an Administrator who acts as the head of the district and takes blame when they fail to meet Yotto standards. Under them are their Elder Siblings who manage sections of the districts and these Elders have Younger Siblings serving as their left and right hands. This power structure is purely built on success and so if you fail The Yotto Brothers then you'll be quickly replaced. This has forced some of the Administrators to delve into more dubious means to make quota via underground criminal organizations. This has brought opportunities for people who would be considered as nobodies to rise to power and gain a name for themselves for better or worse.

Get to the top or die trying—that's what it means to be Yotto material

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
Yotto, King Pins
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations

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