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The Lawsworn Territory

A visual paragon of peace and prosperity representing order and the good nature of people. At Least it is for the wealthy who live in the high reaches of The Cloud Society while the people living in the The Rot Dwellings are treated like sport in a hunting ground. The Laws are as ruthless as the punishments, misdemeanors can become life sentences with a simple misstep. In order to maintain this territory Lawsworn had erected a wall to prevent access from the outsiders unless granted permission through the fortified and well guarded gate known as The Transitional that serves as the safest entrance and exit.


The most stunning part of Lawsworn Territory is the abundance of sunlight, no matter where you go the sun shines on the people of the Lawsworn. Even in the slums of The Rot Dwellings their skin is blessed with natural sunlight. This is by far the greatest pride of the Lawsworn people, but not their only spectacle. Every street road you walk on in the Lawsworn Territory is paved with stone. These remarkable streets serve as more of a vanity than a practical application to masonry as it does not take long to notice the work that must go into maintaining the roads after so much as a month's wear. The houses in Lawsworn are constructed mostly of stone, the architecture has a uniform visual style which can cause confusion when trying to find your way home. The entire city was built on an incline with the wealth living closer to the sun while the poor are forced lower and closer to monsters.

Natural Resources

Lawsworn holds the Zenith Farms near The Cloud Society both due to the high elevation and because it is easier to protect while within the Elite Guard's reach. Water is a more public matter being distributed by local moisture farms. Stone is a rare commodity and The Lawsworn have a monopoly, this gave them a decent amount of leeway through trade agreements with the Yotto Districts. Lawsworn are proud to display their claim on stone by paving their streets and erecting statues in remembrance of fallen soldiers.
Alternative Name(s)
Law Turf, Lawsworn Territory, The Land of Sunshine
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