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Omnipresence Independent Territories

The Omnipresence Independent Territories are a group of towns and settlements that have joined together through the supply network set up by the The Omnipresence as a partnership based on the principles of solidarity and faith. This has allowed the once struggling colonies to create foundations and flourish into thriving towns that have given The Omnipresence belief to grow. A majority of the people that live in the OIT are farmers and simple craftsmen with the occasional merchant trading wares between towns. A large amount of the land both under and above the OIT are mushroom beds covered in mulch to grow large healthy shrooms. In the outskirts of these towns in The Plaguelands are the Vermin; a rat-like race of monsters that has established a monarchy in order to attempt claiming the OIT as their own. At the very center of the OIT is The Dial which overlooks the entirety of the Territories and is where the hub of The Omnipresence is located. They have named the peak Terminus and practically nothing is known about what goes on there. Unlike other areas of RUIN the OIT is extremely open allowing travel to anywhere within the Territories as long as you have a guide and equipment to defend yourselves from monster attacks.


The land of the OIT has sunk to a level so close to the Undercities that a majority of the surface has been deemed as unfit for living and the closer you get to the center of the area the more workable land you find, all leading to the giant cylinder tower that stands in the middle of the territory known as The Dial. The OIT is broken down into rings starting from the center where the mile high Dial overlooks everything. The land on The Dial is known as Terminus, the area around its is known as The Inner Circle where settlements have been able to construct homes on the surface, outwards from there is The Outer Circle where towns are forced to build underground, and further from there is The Plaguelands.

Natural Resources

Where the The Omnipresence lacks in abundant food and firepower they easily make up for it with manpower. The OIT might as well be one giant scrap yard perfect for recycling old metal and parts to construct Automatons faster and more effectively than any other faction. These excess parts have also allowed them to pursue upgrades and augmentation furthering the development of an Automaton's effectiveness in combat with specializations. There are also rumors that there is a superweapon that has been hidden within the depths of the OIT and if they were to get their hands on it, it could be the end of all of RUIN.
Alternative Name(s)
OIT, The collonies, The Free Cities
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