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In the heart of the Luminous Peaks, where the mountains themselves seem to sing a silent symphony of cobalt-blue light under the Moon's caress, lies Thal'orim—the ancient, enigmatic city of the Storm Giants. Once a pinnacle of arcane mastery and elemental grandeur, this fortress of solitude had slumbered through the epochs, its grand halls echoing only the whispers of its own lost majesty. But with the reignition of the Stars of Power three years ago, the city has undergone a renaissance of arcane energy, its ancient runes glowing anew and its towering spires pulsating with rekindled Magic. It is here, amidst the juxtaposition of ancient grandiosity and newfound vitality, that the Arcane Pugilist's Arena has found its clandestine home, turning Thal'orim into a crucible where the world's most potent spellcasters confront the frailty of their mortal coils.


Few places are as enigmatic as Thal'orim, also known to a select few as Vaasha's Respite. This name, whispered only among the initiated like the Druid Samael, pays homage to Vaasha, the last Storm Giant to inhabit the ancient city. A guardian of the Luminous Peaks and a caretaker of Silverswirl Glidewings, Vaasha is a living relic of a bygone era, her existence intertwined with the mysteries of the city she calls home.  
The Exodus of the Storm Giants
  The Storm Giants, once the undisputed masters of Thal'orim, have long since vanished from their ancestral home. The reasons for their departure are manifold and steeped in layers of myth and conjecture. Some say they left to explore other realms, their insatiable curiosity driving them to seek new frontiers of Magic and knowledge. Others suggest that the sealing of the Stars of Power led to a decline in their civilization, forcing them to abandon Thal'orim in search of a new source of arcane sustenance. Yet another theory posits that the Storm Giants foresaw the return of magic to Rolara and chose to distance themselves, wary of the chaos it would inevitably bring.  
Vaasha: The Lone Sentinel
  Vaasha, unlike her kin, chose to stay. Her reasons are as complex as the intricate patterns of the Luminous Peaks' crystalline formations. Some say she remained out of a sense of duty, a guardian appointed to watch over the city's ancient secrets. Others believe it is a form of self-imposed exile, a penance for some unknown transgression. What is known is that Vaasha has adapted to her solitude. She raises Silverswirl Glidewing chicks for sustenance, their iridescent forms nurtured under her watchful eye. At her side, a sporran houses her faithful War Kitten, a mountain lion whose fierce loyalty mirrors that of its giant mistress.


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