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Ley Lines

Connecting the Shards of the Mythekah

The term Ley Lines refers to the natural pathways of energy along the surface of Rolara. Magic exists in many forms, and Ley Lines vibrate with an energy that can be considered somewhat universal. In essense, this energy is not psychic, explicitly arcane, nor particularly divine in any cultural respect. Yet, holy folk are drawn to the places where lines intersect or whirl and magical creatures are native to areas with powerful Ley Line energy in the surroundings; spirits haunt the pathways across the globe, and birds appear to follow them with their seasonal migratory patterns.

Ley Lines and Aetheric Resonance: An Interconnected Energy System

  In the intricate Weave of Rolara's magical fabric, Ley Lines and Aetheric Resonance represent two interconnected aspects of the same energy system.   Ley Lines, as natural conduits of energy, crisscross the landscape, following the contours of the land, the flow of the sea, and the direction of prevailing winds. This energy, while not explicitly arcane, psychic, or divine, is a potent force that can be harnessed by spellcasters and magical creatures alike.   On the other hand, Aetheric Resonance is the phenomenon where this aetheric energy resonates with the natural world, causing a myriad of effects. From the color of fire when a specific element burns to the mesmerizing auroras in the skies, Aetheric Resonance is a testament to the profound influence of aetheric energy on Rolara's environment.   The energy flowing through Ley Lines is believed to resonate aetherically, leading to the manifestations described in the Aetheric Resonance phenomenon. This suggests that the Ley Lines could serve as a kind of 'aetheric highway', facilitating the flow and resonance of this magical energy across Rolara.   Both Ley Lines and Aetheric Resonance are deeply influenced by the environment. The pathways of Ley Lines and the strength of Aetheric Resonance are often stronger in areas with a high concentration of natural elements. This intimate connection between the natural world and the flow and resonance of magical energy is a defining characteristic of Rolara's magical ecosystem.   Moreover, both Ley Lines and Aetheric Resonance can be manipulated for magical purposes. Spellcasters can tap into Ley Lines to empower their spells or rejuvenate themselves, while Aetheric Resonance can be manipulated to create magical effects, such as causing plants to grow rapidly or creating a protective barrier. This highlights the importance of understanding both Ley Lines and Aetheric Resonance for any practitioner of magic in Rolara.   However, these energies are not without their dangers. Misuse or mishandling can lead to Ley Line Backlash or unpredictable effects from Aetheric Resonance. As such, while these energies can be immensely beneficial, they also carry risks that must be managed with care and respect.   In conclusion, Ley Lines and Aetheric Resonance form an interconnected energy system in Rolara. They represent the flow and resonance of magical energy, influencing the natural and supernatural world, and providing a foundation for the practice of magic. Understanding this relationship is crucial for anyone seeking to tap into the magical energies of Rolara.


It isn't clear when a ley line affects the environment or when the environment is affecting a ley line. Ley lines seem to follow the natural curve and flow of the land and sea, or with prevailing winds. However, souces of the strange Quintessential Crystals (such as those found at Mount Origin), sites of ancient magical battles, and the lairs of magical monsters can cause ley lines to change course over time towards themselves.

Using Ley Lines

Spellcasters and certain magical creatures can tap into ley lines to empower their spells or rejuvenate themselves. While this skill can be dangerous, it allows for truly miraculous bursts of short term power. As a result of tapping into ley lines, a spellcaster's hair, fur, or scales often takes a greenish hue or develops striking green patterns. Long term adepts of ley line manipulation end up with their hair or scales pure green in color.
  Unsurprisingly, the secrets of ley line manipulation belong to the Elf kingdoms, though it is thought this knowledge may be recorded elsewhere. Elder Elves often have green hair for this reason.
  Once a spellcaster understands the method for channeling the energy of a ley line, the procedure becomes simple. While within 30 feet of a ley line, the spellcaster makes a DC (10 + the spell's level) ability check using their spellcasting ability. On a successful check, the spell is modified according to a random roll on the tables below (based on the power of the ley line itself). A failure of 5 or more on this skill check results in an effect called Ley Line Backlash, which removes the spellcasters ability to cast any spells until they undergo a special ritual. Effectively, all of their spell slots are removed and they lose the ability to cast cantrips.


Hunluan and Zhixu (Chaos and Order)

The ancient sage Shen Feng Wa wrote in his journals that some ley lines had predictable effects and would always modify spells the same way. He referred to them as Orderly, or "Zhixu". The others had unpredictable effects. These he called Hunluan (Chaos). The GM decides whether a ley line is predictable or unpredictable. When they are unpredictable, successful attempts to tap into a ley line require a roll on the tables above. When they are predictable, the GM can select one of the effects above to be applied upon each successful tapping of the ley line. Otherwise, predictable effects can be decided arbitrarily by the GM for narrative purposes.
  The Eladrin of Moredge wanted to create a permanent gate to the forests of the Moonwilde, and wanted to cast an elven high magic ritual of the myriad that called for hundreds of casters for this purpose. Without enough Eladrin to perform the ritual, and unwilling to sacrifice their lives for the spell, they stole the souls of unlucky adventurers and used power from a Ley Line node to reduce the number of casters required. The gate they created was a poor imitation of the Porta Ultima, an ancient mechanism that was crafted on that same Ley Line node, and was powered by one of the Stars of Power.
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