Hideyoshi Koji

Hideyoshi Koji was once a samurai who worked for the Daimo of the Dragon Clan in Kimokotan. When the Daimo united the 5 clans, there were many casualties. Koji's son was among them. Alone now, Koji intends to see the world, to fulfill his son's dream.
  Koji still had the skills of a highly trained samurai and the experience of over 20 duels. He defeated his first samurai in a duel when he was 15, with chop sticks. His moniker on the battlefield was "Kyobo", meaning ferocious; today he is an unarmed tourist who was robbed, and simply couldn't afford his stay at the fancy hotel in Jeonbye. His kimo Gold, of course, would have been no good anyway. Obviously a "Barbarian from the North", his debt was sold to Mahfooz at the start of the Hunt for Captain Adred.
  He intended to work off his debt and take advantage of passage on a newfangled ship.
  Koji was a ronin from Kimokotan. He left his master's service when his son died in battle, and has been wandering in the service of Captain Pocket Strings and the Starfinders. Along their journey, they gave him a magical longsword that he has used to protect them diligently. It was at Balasar's behest he attempted to win the World Martial Arts Tournament in 1524 PE/922 CC.

Personality Characteristics


When dragons left Rolara, some chose to remain behind but hidden as mortals. Koji remained hidden so long that he has forgotten how to return to his dragon form.
Year of Birth
1011 AW 2538 Years old


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