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Emerald Bay


Emerald Bay is a coastal inlet situated at the mouth of the Tath River, serving as a natural extension to this vital waterway that courses through Tatharia Capitolina. The bay's most striking feature is its iridescent emerald waters, a characteristic that not only lends the bay its name but also suggests a rich mineral composition conducive to marine biodiversity.  


  The bay's hydrography is likely influenced by the freshwater influx from the Tath River, creating a brackish environment ideal for a variety of marine species. This mix of saltwater and freshwater would result in unique tidal patterns and water circulation, factors that contribute to its ecological richness.  


  While specific details about the bay's underwater topography are not provided, its role as a natural harbor near the Harborside district of Tatharia Capitolina suggests a relatively deep and sheltered maritime environment. Such topographical features would make it suitable for anchoring ships and conducting maritime activities, further enhancing its economic value to the city.  


  Although the climate specifics are not delineated, the bay's geographical location on the Southern Continent and its proximity to a bustling metropolis suggest a temperate to warm climate. This would have implications for the types of marine life it supports, as well as its utility for Human activities like fishing and trade.  

Ecological Zones

  The bay likely comprises various ecological zones, ranging from intertidal areas to deeper waters. Each of these zones would host specific types of flora and fauna, contributing to the bay's overall ecological diversity. The presence of unique species like the Pitiful Demon, a toothless Great White Shark, indicates a complex food web and a balanced ecosystem.
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