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The ruins of Elaridom stand like the skeletal remains of a long-deceased titan amidst the verdant embrace of the Whistlewind Forest. This ancient, timeworn structure, with its cobweb of crumbled stone and vibrant Ley Lines, tells a dual tale of forgotten civilizations.   Beneath the arcane veil of Elaridom, the oldest whispers belong to the dwarves. The foundational stones bear the mark of their exceptional craftsmanship, the labyrinthine corridors and arches hinting at their love for elaborate design. Their legacy, though concealed under the overlay of the subsequent Human settlement, is still palpable. It echoes in the bedrock of the ruins, adding an ancient layer of mystery to Elaridom's rich tapestry of history.   The more visible remnants, however, hint at the humans who adopted these ancient dwarven edifices as their home. Pioneers of magical proficiency, the Elaridom civilization, as they came to be known, carved their existence into the very stones. Towering columns, ornate archways, and intricate sculptures stand as silent testaments to their aesthetic prowess and their profound understanding of the arcane. However, the remnants of their civilization are enigmatic - incomplete stories told through half-erased inscriptions and abstract symbols, like a puzzle waiting to be pieced together.   Now, the ruins are inhabited by the Yilgarn Unity, a band of Hidraki Lizardfolk. They have found a home amidst these ancient walls, carving out their existence and culture, inspired by the echo of the past and the palpable magic of their surroundings. As they explore the ruins, their story weaves into the multi-layered narrative of Elaridom.   Their nomadic heritage and survival instincts meld with their newfound reverence for the arcane, shaping a unique culture. Their respect for nature and the environment manifests in their burial rituals, dolmens standing sentinel in the forest, harboring the young souls gone too soon.   Elaridom, thus, is more than a collection of ancient stones and enigmatic artifacts. It is a living, breathing chronicle of civilizations past and present, a testament to resilience, evolution, and the eternal dance between the old and the new. The Hidraki, their journey embedded in this timeworn narrative, continue to add to Elaridom's tale, blending their voices with the long-silent whispers of the forest and the ruins.
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