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Harbinger of Chaos Dorak Kriv (a.k.a. the Gorilla)

Dorak Kriv was an enigma even among his own kind. His name, "Kriv," was an anomaly in the Monkeyfolk community, a name more commonly associated with distant lands than the heart of Jiao. It was as if the very name foretold his destiny as an outlier, a being who would defy the norms of his tribe and venture into the unknown.   In the dense jungles he called home, Dorak was a creature of pure chaos. His ebony fur blended seamlessly with the dark foliage, making him a shadowy figure darting through the trees. His eyes, dark brown with a mysterious black ring, seemed to absorb the very essence of the jungle, reflecting its untamed spirit.   One fateful day, Dorak stumbled upon an ancient idol deep within the jungle, its grotesque features carved with eldritch symbols. The moment his eyes met the idol, a malevolent presence seeped into his mind. It was as if the universe itself had conspired to bring him to this point, to forge a pact with an entity that defied comprehension—Aiukaothr'gnaxr, the Elder God of Madness and the Void.   From that day on, Dorak was transformed. He became a conduit for his eldritch patron, his actions guided by a desire for chaos that transcended mere mischief. His pranks took on an otherworldly quality, leaving those who witnessed them questioning the very fabric of reality. He reveled in this newfound power, in the ability to sow confusion and fear with a mere thought.   Yet, despite his allegiance to an eldritch god, Dorak remained a Monkeyfolk at heart. His loyalty to Aiukaothr'gnaxr was not born out of devotion but out of a shared affinity for chaos. He served his patron not as a disciple but as an agent of discord, a living embodiment of the eldritch whims that now guided him.   Dorak Kriv had become a force of nature, a harbinger of chaos in a world unprepared for the touch of the eldritch. His unusual name, once a mere curiosity, had become a symbol of his unique destiny—a destiny that would forever alter the course of his life and the world around him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Dorak Kriv is a robust embodiment of primal chaos, his muscular frame covered in ebony fur serving as a canvas for the arcane. Agile as he is strong, his physique is a testament to the untamed vitality of the jungle he hails from, unmarred by any visible aids, abnormalities, or afflictions. In him, one sees not just a Monkeyfolk but a living paradox, a creature of capricious whims yet bound by the eldritch forces that grant him unsettling powers.

Specialized Equipment

Among Dorak Kriv's most distinguishing features is his Eldritch Staff, a magical quarterstaff imbued with arcane energies. The staff is a physical manifestation of his deep connection with his eldritch patron, Aiukaothr'gnaxr. Crafted from dark, gnarled wood and adorned with eldritch symbols that seem to writhe and shift when observed, the staff serves as both a weapon and a conduit for his chaotic powers.   The Eldritch Staff grants Dorak a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, making it a formidable weapon in combat. It holds 10 charges, replenishing 1d6 + 4 of these expended charges daily at dawn. The staff's volatile nature is evident when its last charge is expended; a roll of a d20 determines whether it is destroyed in a harmless burst of eldritch energy.   The staff has two primary abilities that amplify Dorak's chaotic nature:  
  1. Eldritch Attack: Upon landing a melee attack with the staff, Dorak can expend up to 3 of its charges to inflict additional lightning damage on his target. Each expended charge adds an extra 1d8 lightning damage.
  3. Eldritch Escape: When Dorak takes damage while holding the staff, he can use his reaction to expend 3 of the staff's charges. This triggers a spell that turns him invisible and allows him to teleport up to 60 feet to an unoccupied space. He remains invisible until he takes an action that would reveal him.
  While the Eldritch Staff is a beloved possession that amplifies his powers, Dorak can't shake off the nagging thought that it might also serve some ulterior motive of his enigmatic patron. The staff is not just a tool but a complex symbol of his relationship with the eldritch god, a relationship founded on power, chaos, and an ever-present sense of unpredictability.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Dorak Kriv was born into a tribe of Monkeyfolk residing in the lush, enigmatic jungles of Jiao. From an early age, he exhibited a penchant for chaos, a trait that set him apart from his more harmonious kin. His youthful days were marked by elaborate pranks and mimicry of the mysterious sounds that echoed through the jungle, earning him both awe and apprehension from his tribe.   A pivotal moment in Dorak's life occurred when he stumbled upon an ancient idol deep within the jungle. This idol, adorned with grotesque, eldritch symbols, served as a conduit to Aiukaothr'gnaxr, the Elder God of Madness and the Void. The malevolent presence of this eldritch entity took root in Dorak's mind, whispering promises of unimaginable power and chaos. Embracing this newfound connection, Dorak became a devoted follower of Aiukaothr'gnaxr, entering a realm of arcane knowledge and unsettling abilities that only amplified his already chaotic nature.   Now, Dorak Kriv roams the world as a harbinger of chaos, wielding powers that distort reality and unsettle the minds of those he encounters. His actions are driven not by loyalty to his eldritch patron but by his insatiable desire to spread chaos and unpredictability. His journey is one of discord and caprice, leaving a trail of bewildered victims and altered realities in his wake.

Morality & Philosophy

Dorak Kriv's moral compass is best described as chaotic neutral, a framework that aligns seamlessly with his intrinsic nature. He operates outside the conventional dichotomy of good and evil, driven instead by an insatiable desire for chaos and unpredictability. His actions are not motivated by altruism or malevolence but by a profound fascination with the unfathomable and the enigmatic.   His philosophy is rooted in the belief that life is inherently chaotic, and any attempt to impose order is both futile and contrary to the natural state of existence. This perspective is further reinforced by his devotion to Aiukaothr'gnaxr, the Elder God of Madness and the Void, whose tenets resonate with Dorak's own inclinations. However, it is crucial to note that his devotion to this eldritch entity is not born out of loyalty or reverence but serves as a means to amplify his own chaotic tendencies.   Dorak's actions are spontaneous, often defying logic and reason, yet they are never random. Each act of chaos is a deliberate expression of his philosophy, a challenge to the societal norms that seek to impose order and predictability. He revels in the confusion and bewilderment he leaves in his wake, viewing each as a small victory against the constraints of order.   His moral philosophy extends to his interactions with others. While he may not adhere to conventional ethical standards, there is a certain fairness in his actions. He is not cruel; he does not seek to harm others intentionally unless it serves his broader aim of sowing chaos. Even then, the harm is not the end but a byproduct of his ultimate goal.
Chaotic Neutral
Current Location
Year of Birth
1518 PE 9 Years old
dark brown, framed with black ring around the iris
Short, thin, brown-black hair, covers the body
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
350 lbs.


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