In the verdant heart of Jiao, shrouded by the dense emerald canopy and embraced by the ceaseless melody of rushing water, resides the ebullient kingdom of the Monkeyfolk. Behind the curtain of a resplendent waterfall, within the womb of the Fruits and Flower Mountain, they thrive, imbued with the echoes of their revered ancestor, the Stone Monkey.   The Monkeyfolk vary in stature and morphology, resembling an array of simian species. The diminutive yet spry members of this playful society, with their swishing tails, often find their homes high up in the forest canopy, while the robust, tail-less Monkeyfolk prefer the mountain's firm earth under their feet. Their physical diversity reflects a tapestry of the simian kingdom, unified by their intrinsic agility and captivating exuberance.   Gaiety resounds throughout the Monkeyfolk kingdom, where every day is a celebration of life. The echoes of laughter blend with the babble of the waterfall, and a banquet brimming with nature's bounty is a daily pleasure. The monkeyfolk's joie de vivre is infectious, their humor as unique as their species, their pranks concocted in a spirit of camaraderie. Though many outsiders may find their antics perplexing, the Monkeyfolk take joy in the act of laughter itself, relishing every opportunity to spread mirth and merriment.   Although the Monkeyfolk society operates under the benevolent reign of the Stone Monkey, the realm’s governance falls upon the shoulders of Strong Monkey and Large Monkey during their King's frequent adventures. Despite the lack of stringent laws, their society thrives on principles of fairness and strength, and an unwavering loyalty towards their King and kin binds the Monkeyfolk together.   The Monkeyfolk are intrepid explorers, drawn to the thrill of the unknown. Their curiosity is a beacon that guides them into the vast expanses of the world. They engage with non-monkey cultures with a charming innocence, often punctuated by harmless pranks and amusing misunderstandings.   Upon reaching adulthood, each Monkeyfolk earns a Monkey name that reflects their distinct personality, and a War name, a testament to their strength and courage. Monkeyfolk names can range from 'Adorable Ape' to 'Violence Primate', a tradition cherished as a rite of passage within their community.   The Monkeyfolk are categorized into two primary subraces – the Monkey Type and the Ape Type. While the Monkey Type is small and spry, with a charismatic presence, the Ape Type boasts a commanding stature and impressive strength. An interesting variant, the Big Monkey Type, mirrors the unique characteristics of their legendary King, Stone Monkey. Regardless of their type, every Monkeyfolk is gifted with dexterity, agility, and a zest for life, encapsulating the vibrant essence of their kin.   In the language of the forest, the Monkeyfolk speak a blend of Common and Sylvan. Their eloquent expressions are often accented by their agile movements, making their communication as animated as their lifestyle. Be it in combat or during a merry feast, the Monkeyfolk's spirit of adventure, curiosity, and mirth echoes through the Fruits and Flower Mountain, painting a lively portrait of this unique race.

Basic Information


When it comes to physical diversity among the denizens of the natural world, the Monkeyfolk remain a prime exemplar. Just as the brilliant hues of a rainbow converge to form a mesmerizing spectacle, the Monkeyfolk bring together a variety of simian traits, creating a tapestry of diverse shapes and sizes that is as enchanting as it is captivating.    

Size and Stature

In terms of height, the Monkeyfolk range from a petite 3 feet to an imposing 6 feet. The small, Monkey Type members of this species, vibrant with youthful energy, are akin to mischievous sprites in their forested home. Their larger counterparts, the Ape Type and the unique Big Monkey Type, showcase a more humanoid stature, their impressive build a testament to their inherent strength.  

Tails and their Utility

Tails are a notable feature among the Monkeyfolk. In the smaller Monkey Type, these appendages are a natural extension of their lively demeanor. Prehensile and agile, these tails can grasp and manipulate objects, providing the Monkeyfolk with an extra hand of sorts. These unique tails have a reach of 5 feet and can carry a load equivalent to five times the individual’s strength score. However, it's essential to note that these versatile tails aren't suited for complex tasks requiring meticulous precision.   In contrast, most Ape Type and Big Monkey Type individuals lack tails, their humanoid anatomy echoing our own, with the significant exception of Stone Monkey and his Big Monkey Type kin, who possess both a humanoid stature and a prehensile tail.  

Skin, Fur, and Facial Features

The Monkeyfolk's skin and fur echo the myriad shades of nature – from the earthy browns of the fertile soil to the vibrant greens of the dense forest canopy. Their fur, often varying in density and length across their body, lends them an aura of wild elegance. The facial features of the Monkeyfolk are expressive and dynamic, their eyes twinkling with a spirit of adventure and curiosity.  

Inherent Abilities

In addition to their varied morphology, the Monkeyfolk are also known for their impressive physical abilities. Their lithe bodies possess an innate agility, allowing them to deftly navigate the forest, whether it be on the ground or swinging through the trees. Their strong arms, capable of wielding a variety of weapons, reflect their warrior spirit, while their dexterous hands and tails are adept at handling objects with remarkable precision.   When we observe the Monkeyfolk, their diverse anatomy and physical traits resonate with their culture's vibrant essence. It's a reflection of their vibrant lives, a testament to their strength, agility, and indomitable spirit of joy and curiosity. Just as nature celebrates diversity, so does the Monkeyfolk society, their varied forms dancing in harmonious symphony under the emerald canopy of their forested home.

Growth Rate & Stages

The effervescent life cycle of the Monkeyfolk is a captivating dance, harmoniously choreographed with the rhythm of nature and subtly influenced by the enchanting energies of the Feywild. Their growth, reminiscent of a budding flower racing to meet the sun, is marked by an exhilarating acceleration, a testament to their home's peculiar temporal dynamics where three centuries pass in a mere three years.  

Infancy and Childhood

From the moment of their birth, Monkeyfolk infants embody a vitality that sparkles brighter with each passing day. Their infancy, cradled in the protective embrace of their families, is marked by rapid development. Within a year, they exhibit the first glimmers of their inherited agility, their small hands reaching out with remarkable precision, their curious eyes gleaming with nascent awareness.   The years that follow bring forth a transformation as mesmerizing as a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. Monkeyfolk children blossom rapidly under the nurturing canopy of their society, their bodies strengthening, their tails (if present) growing more dexterous, and their innate curiosity for the world around them blossoming.  


Adolescence for the Monkeyfolk is a stage of exponential growth, where they fully embrace the vigor of their kind. They reach this stage around the age of five. As young adults, they begin to truly harness their physical capabilities, their bodies agile and strong, their minds eager for knowledge and adventure. It is also during this period that they earn their Monkey and War names, a significant milestone in their cultural rite of passage.  

Adulthood and Old Age

Maturity is welcomed by Monkeyfolk at an age when most humans would still be considered children. By their tenth year, they are fully grown adults, their physical traits reflecting their subrace's unique characteristics, and their personalities shining bright.   Despite their accelerated growth, the Monkeyfolk enjoy a healthy lifespan, often reaching around 30 years. Each stage of their life, though shorter when compared to many other races, is packed with a vibrancy that most beings would envy. Old age for the Monkeyfolk is a stage of tranquillity and wisdom, their spirits still echoing the joyous energy of their youth.   The temporal peculiarity of the Fruits and Flower Mountain, where the Monkeyfolk reside, may seem odd to outsiders. But for the Monkeyfolk, their rapid growth and vibrant lifestyle is a celebration of life, a testament to their adaptability and inherent exuberance. Their life stages, succinct yet full of energy, are a reminder of the beautiful transience of life, their existence a merry dance under the dappled sunlight of their forested home.
Scientific Name
Average Height
Monkeyfolk range from 1 - 2 meters (3 - 6 feet), though most monkeyfolk are much shorter than 4 feet.
Average Weight
40 - 200 pounds
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