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Blood Hunter

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In the dimly lit chamber of an ancient temple, Nadheer el-Aydin stood alone, his eyes fixed on the flickering candlelight that danced like restless spirits. The walls were adorned with inscriptions of forgotten rites, a testament to the arcane knowledge that had once flourished here. But Nadheer was no ordinary seeker of wisdom; he was Dam'Sayyafian, a Blood Hunter, a guardian of secrets too terrible to be spoken, too dreadful to be understood.   His hands trembled as he unsheathed his ritual dagger, its blade inscribed with glyphs that whispered of cosmic horrors. With a deep breath, he sliced open his palm, allowing his lifeblood to drip onto the altar before him. The blood sizzled as it met the ancient stone, transmuting into a dark mist that swirled around him, filling the air with a scent of iron and despair.   As the mist enveloped him, Nadheer felt the weight of his existence, the futility of his struggle against the malevolent forces that lurked in the shadows of Rolara. He was but a speck of dust in the vast, uncaring cosmos, a lone warrior fighting against the inevitable tide of darkness that sought to engulf all of creation.   His thoughts drifted to his loved ones, to the fleeting moments of happiness that had once filled his life. But such thoughts were a luxury he could no longer afford. Love, joy, hope—all were illusions, mere distractions from the cosmic horror that was his reality. He was a Blood Hunter, bound by blood and fate to a never-ending battle against the unspeakable.   As the ritual concluded, Nadheer felt a surge of dark energy coursing through his veins, empowering him with eldritch abilities that defied comprehension. But the power came at a cost, a terrible price that gnawed at his very soul. He was a monster fighting monsters, a tragic hero in a tale with no end, no redemption.   With a heavy heart, Nadheer sheathed his dagger and stepped out of the temple, his eyes devoid of emotion, his spirit crushed under the weight of his destiny. He was a Blood Hunter, and his lament was the lament of Rolara, a world teetering on the brink of cosmic annihilation.



Preliminary Screening

  Before one can even aspire to the enigmatic role of a Blood Hunter, they must first prove their mettle within the ranks of the Holy Order of Alessandra. Only those who have shown exceptional skill, unwavering loyalty, and a deep-rooted commitment to the Order's cause are considered. The preliminary screening is a rigorous process, involving both physical trials and spiritual evaluations, designed to assess a candidate's suitability for the darker path that lies ahead.  

Theological Studies

  Once selected, the aspirants are subjected to an intensive course in theological studies. This education serves to deepen their understanding of Alessandra's teachings, even as they prepare to diverge from the sunlit path. The theological grounding ensures that the Blood Hunters never lose sight of the Order's core values, even as they delve into forbidden arts.  

Hemocraft Training

  The heart of a Blood Hunter's education lies in the mastery of Hemocraft. Taught in secret chambers by veteran Blood Hunters, these rites are passed down through a lineage of oral tradition and closely guarded tomes. The training is grueling, both physically and mentally, as aspirants learn to channel their life essence into potent curses and elemental forces.  

The Ritual of the Hunter's Bane

  The culmination of a Blood Hunter's training is the Ritual of the Hunter's Bane. This harrowing rite serves as both initiation and final examination. It is here that the aspirants must prove their mastery of Hemocraft and their unwavering commitment to the Order's cause. Failure is not an option; those who cannot complete the ritual are either cast out or meet a darker fate.  

Ongoing Education

  Even after their initiation, Blood Hunters are expected to continue their studies and training. The world of Rolara is ever-changing, and new threats emerge with each passing day. Ongoing education in both divine studies and Hemocraft techniques ensures that Blood Hunters remain at the forefront of the Order's defenses.  

Ethical and Spiritual Guidance

  Given the morally complex nature of their work, Blood Hunters are also provided with ongoing ethical and spiritual guidance. Senior members of the Order, often high-ranking priests or clerics, serve as mentors, helping the Blood Hunters navigate the ethical dilemmas that inevitably arise from their unique profession.   In the shadowed corridors of the Holy Order of Alessandra, the Blood Hunters stand as a testament to the Order's adaptability and the lengths to which they will go to protect Rolara. It is a path fraught with peril and moral ambiguity, but for those who walk it, the rewards are immeasurable.

Payment & Reimbursement

Initiate of Shadows

  The first step in a Blood Hunter's career is that of an Initiate of Shadows. Freshly inducted through the Ritual of the Hunter's Bane, these neophytes are paired with seasoned Blood Hunters for their first assignments. This stage is one of learning and observation, as Initiates are gradually introduced to the complexities of their new role.  

Adept of Hemocraft

  After proving their competence and reliability, Initiates are promoted to Adepts of Hemocraft. At this level, they are granted access to more advanced rites and are expected to undertake solo missions. It is also at this stage that many Blood Hunters specialize, choosing a particular path that aligns with their skills and the needs of the Order.  

Guardian of the Veil

  The next rank is that of Guardian of the Veil, a title that signifies both honor and immense responsibility. Guardians are entrusted with the Order's most sensitive and dangerous missions, often involving ancient artifacts or powerful entities. Their word carries significant weight within the Order, and they often serve as mentors to younger Blood Hunters.  

Master of the Rite

  The penultimate stage in a Blood Hunter's career is the esteemed rank of Master of the Rite. These are the individuals who have not only mastered the arts of Hemocraft but have also made significant contributions to the Order's cause. Masters of the Rite are involved in policy-making and often sit on the secretive council that oversees the Blood Hunter sect within the Order.  

The Crimson Oracle

  The apex of a Blood Hunter's career is to become a Crimson Oracle, a title held by only one individual at any given time. The Crimson Oracle serves as the spiritual and tactical leader of the Blood Hunters, their word considered sacrosanct. To reach this pinnacle, a Blood Hunter must have demonstrated unparalleled skill, wisdom, and an unwavering commitment to the Order's cause. The Crimson Oracle is often involved in the highest levels of decision-making within the Holy Order of Alessandra and serves as the ultimate authority on matters concerning Hemocraft and the Blood Hunters.   In the labyrinthine complexities of the Holy Order of Alessandra, the path of a Blood Hunter is one of constant evolution. Each rank signifies not just an increase in responsibility but also a deepening of the ethical and spiritual complexities that define this unique profession. It is a journey that demands everything and promises nothing, save for the eternal struggle against the darkness that threatens to engulf Rolara.

Other Benefits

Material Compensation

  While the Blood Hunters are primarily driven by a higher calling, the Order recognizes the need for material compensation. A stipend is provided to all Blood Hunters, the amount of which varies based on rank and the complexity of the missions undertaken. This stipend is often in the form of Gold or other valuable resources, ensuring that Blood Hunters can maintain their equipment and procure necessary supplies.  

Sacred Relics

  In addition to monetary rewards, Blood Hunters are occasionally bestowed with sacred relics by the Order. These artifacts, often imbued with divine or arcane powers, serve as both a reward and a tool to aid in their missions. The gifting of such relics is a solemn ceremony, signifying the Order's deep trust in the Blood Hunter's abilities.  

Access to Forbidden Knowledge

  One of the most coveted rewards for a Blood Hunter is access to the Order's secret archives. These vaults contain ancient tomes, scrolls, and manuscripts detailing forbidden rites and lost knowledge. Access is granted based on merit and is considered a high honor, reflecting the Blood Hunter's standing within the Order.  

Spiritual Rewards

  Beyond material gains, Blood Hunters find their rewards in the spiritual realm. The successful completion of a mission often involves rituals of thanksgiving and purification, conducted by the high-ranking priests of the Order. These ceremonies serve to cleanse the Blood Hunter's soul and reaffirm their commitment to the divine path of Alessandra, even as they tread the darker avenues of Hemocraft.  

Social Standing

  While the Blood Hunters often operate in the shadows, their deeds do not go unnoticed. Successful missions elevate their standing within the Order and, by extension, in the society that reveres Alessandra. However, this recognition is a double-edged sword, as increased visibility often brings increased scrutiny, both from within the Order and from the society at large.  

The Price of Failure

  It must be noted that the path of a Blood Hunter is fraught with peril, and failure carries its own set of consequences. A failed mission not only results in a loss of material rewards but can also lead to a demotion or, in extreme cases, expulsion from the Order.



Guardians of the Fringe In the societies that revere the Holy Order of Alessandra, Blood Hunters are often seen as the guardians of the fringe, the last line of defense against the encroaching darkness. They operate in the shadows, tackling threats that are either too elusive or too malevolent for conventional methods. Their presence, though often concealed, offers a sense of security to those who know of their existence.  

Controversial Protectors

  While their deeds are undoubtedly heroic, the methods employed by Blood Hunters often stir controversy. The use of Hemocraft, a form of blood Magic, is viewed with suspicion by many, leading to a complex relationship with the societies they protect. They are both revered and feared, their existence a subject of whispered debates in both high councils and common taverns.  

Arbiters of Forbidden Knowledge

  Blood Hunters are also seen as arbiters of forbidden knowledge, individuals who tread the fine line between divine and arcane, between light and darkness. They are often consulted in matters that involve ancient curses, dark artifacts, or malevolent entities, their expertise considered invaluable in such complex scenarios.  

Catalysts for Change

  In a world where the Stars of Power have reignited, bringing with them ancient threats and moral complexities, the Blood Hunters serve as catalysts for change. They challenge traditional norms and push the boundaries of what is considered acceptable in their quest to protect society. Their existence often sparks discussions on ethics, morality, and the ever-changing definitions of good and evil.  

Symbols of Sacrifice

  Above all, Blood Hunters are seen as symbols of sacrifice, individuals who have forsaken personal well-being for the greater good. This perception often leads to a grudging respect, even among those who question their methods. In times of crisis, their presence is a grim reminder of the sacrifices made and the eternal vigilance required to keep the darkness at bay.

Social Status

A Revered Necessity

  In a society that promotes a pro-human agenda closely tied to the teachings of the Holy Order of Alessandra, Blood Hunters are generally seen as a revered necessity. They are the shadowy sword arm of a theocratic power structure, their existence justified by the ever-present threats that lurk beyond the Caliphate's glittering façade.  

Guardians of Orthodoxy

  Given the Holy Order's emphasis on Human superiority and the divine right of humans to rule over other races, Blood Hunters are often perceived as the guardians of this orthodoxy. They serve as both protectors and enforcers, their actions sanctioned by the highest religious and political authorities.  

The Double-Edged Sword of Honor

  While their role is sanctioned, the methods of the Blood Hunters—especially their use of Hemocraft—can be a point of contention. In a society that values honor and justice, the use of such esoteric and morally ambiguous techniques can be a double-edged sword. They are both respected and scrutinized, their actions a subject of theological and ethical debates among the Caliphate's scholars and clerics.  

A Caste Apart

  Blood Hunters do not fit neatly into the traditional caste system of Al-Zaluma. They are a specialized force, a caste unto themselves, operating under the aegis of the Holy Order of Alessandra. While they may not be considered a "lower caste," their unique role and the controversial nature of their methods often set them apart from mainstream society.  

The Price of Secrecy

  The secretive nature of their work often leads to a life lived in the shadows, away from the public eye. While they may not enjoy the widespread adulation reserved for more conventional heroes, their work is acknowledged and rewarded by those in power, ensuring that they hold a unique, if somewhat enigmatic, position in the societal hierarchy.


A Minuscule Percentage

  Given the specialized and esoteric nature of the Blood Hunter profession, it is reasonable to surmise that only a minuscule percentage of Al-Zaluma's population would be engaged in this line of work. The Blood Hunters, operating under the aegis of the Holy Order of Alessandra, would likely number in the dozens rather than the hundreds, making them a rare and specialized force within the city.  
  • The Elite Few
    Blood Hunters are not a common sight in Al-Zaluma. Their training is rigorous, their rites are secretive, and their missions are perilous. This makes them an elite group within an already selective religious order. Given the city's population and its various other professions and trades, it would not be surprising if less than 0.1% of the population were Blood Hunters.
  • A Specialized Niche
    In a city where the economy is primarily based on trade, commerce, and natural resources, the Blood Hunters occupy a specialized niche. They are not laborers, artisans, or merchants; they are warriors of a different kind, dedicated to a cause that transcends conventional occupations.

The Weight of Responsibility

  Though they may be few, the role they play is monumental. In a society that values the teachings of Alessandra and is governed by religious and royal decree, the Blood Hunters serve as both spiritual warriors and protectors of the realm. Their scarcity only adds to the weight of their responsibility and the reverence—or scrutiny—with which they are viewed.


In the early years of the Holy Order of Alessandra, the clergy and paladins were the primary warriors against the malevolent forces that plagued Rolara. However, as the threats grew more complex and insidious, it became clear that conventional methods were insufficient. Thus, the Blood Hunters were conceived, a cadre of warriors willing to delve into the forbidden arts of Hemocraft to combat the darkness.   The initial years were fraught with peril and moral quandaries. The rites of Hemocraft were not easily mastered, and many aspirants perished or were consumed by the very darkness they sought to combat. It was a time of trials, a crucible that forged the first true Blood Hunters, warriors who survived the ritual of the Hunter's Bane and emerged stronger, albeit forever changed.   As years turned into decades, the Blood Hunters began to gain a measure of acceptance within the Holy Order and, by extension, the society they served. Their effectiveness could not be denied, even if their methods were viewed with suspicion. They became a necessary evil, a dark blade wielded in the service of the light.   As the Blood Hunters grew in number and influence, internal divisions began to emerge. Different sects or "Orders" within the Blood Hunters started to form, each with its own philosophy, techniques, and areas of expertise. Some focused on elemental Magic, others on the hunting of specific types of creatures, and still others on the mastery of blood curses. This diversification allowed them to adapt to a variety of threats but also led to internal conflicts and debates on the ethical implications of their work.   With the reignition of the Stars of Power, the Blood Hunters find themselves at a crossroads. The resurgence of arcane energies and the emergence of new heroes and factions have made their role both more critical and more complicated. They are the sword's edge, balancing on a fine line between light and darkness, ever vigilant against the corruption that seeks to engulf both them and the world they have sworn to protect.
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