The Stoneheart Mountains

    The Stoneheart range of mountains dominate the whole of Manabas from east to west and north to south. At their center lies the capital and home of the Ice King, the city of Stoneheart. These mountains really define the geography and, by extension, the culture of the whole island. The mountains are high, craggy and ice-covered most of the year around. There are few passes through the inhospitable peaks, and many of those passes are generally only open in the warmer months of the year. In the really cold winter months it is not at all unusual for all the high passes to close, thus virtually cutting Stoneheart city off completely.
The lowlands of the mountain range feed down to the coast. In places these resolve into pastures which are arable and where farmers make a good living growing most of the edible food for the island. In some places the mountains virtually lead all the way to the sea and northern Manabas in particular has many sheer and rugged clifftops.   The mountains are home to a hardy and swarthy folk. Living off small patches of arable lands in the mountain tops, and herding goats and a few sheep, these hill-folk are resourceful, independent and fierce. They are a proud bunch, taking great pride in their ability to thrive where others would struggle to survive. They have little time for the "soft" folk of the lowlands. These hill-folk value hard work, perseverance and no-nonsense attitudes. They work hard, fight hard and drink hard.   The hill-folk have a dangerous reputation. Quick to anger and very over-protective of their lands, they are often honing their battle prowess with the humanoids of the west - the men of Harrowland. In fact it is in their coming of age ceremonies to send a boy to prove his worth by surviving a raid into the west lands. The lowlanders around Dun Laren and Dun Realon know not to travel up into the mountains unless they stick closely to the passes - for the hill folk will tend to attack first and ask questions later. It is not unheard of for these men to raid down into the farmlands of the soft lowlanders when times are hard in the peaks.
Mountain Range
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