Dun Laren

The independent city of Dun Laren sits as an enigma. Historically the ruler of the city was a feudal lord, fealty-bound to the Ice King. That was the status quo for generations, until about twelve years ago when the Trade Lords moved in. The Guild recognized that the then (and present) Ice King was becoming increasingly insular. He barely ever took note of things outside his subterranean citadel, let alone actually left it. So when the incumbent Lord died, the Trade Lords swooped in and struck a deal with the soon-to-be sworn in son. They convinced him that rather than travel to the capital to bend the knee, he should declare independence and break free from the crown. The lord-in-waiting was brave and far-sighted and could see that the support of the rich and widely influential Guild was worth more than swearing fealty to a distant and apathetic monarch, so he agreed. At that time the city of Dun Laren became independent, a free city. The Trade Lords made good on their promise and piled the city with trade, making it the central hub for all trade across the Inner Sea and beyond. No Guild ships pass by without stopping in and the city has flourished under the new agreement. Rumour has it that the Trade Lords are now in discussions with Lord Angus of Dun Realon.
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