The Dawn Fen

The Dawn Fen is famously trackless, with ever shifting terrain. The safest way to traverse it is to hire a local guide. It seems it was once the site of an ancient battle. The shifting swamp often reveals undead, rusted weapons and armour and occasionally buried ruins.
Dominating Fenwick is a huge rock known as The Fenwick Megalith. It looms 100' above the town, fully 50' in diameter. There is a feeling of incredible antiquity, though the rock surface is pristine, untroubled by the inclement weather and utterly resisting all attempts by curious visitors to mark or damage it in any way. The surface is carved with indecipherable runes of unknown origin.   It is rumoured the Megalith extends deep underground, into the Underdark even, the visible part being the tip of the iceberg so to speak. The swampy surroundings do not permit much by way of excavation to investigate this idea.   The town buildings huddle around the Megalith, rickety wooden shacks raised up on stilts above the swamp with boardwalks and bridges connecting them together. The inhabitants manage a meagre existence, trading mainly in clams, swamp fish and freshwater crabs.   Occasionally small objects are found in the swamp. They are lumps of the same stone as the Megalith, marked with similar carvings. One theory is that they are damaged fragments fallen off the Megalith. Examples of these have made their way across Rodinia, into private collections, with arcane institutes and for sale in bazaars of curiosities - still yet unexplained and unidentified.
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