The Ironworks

This large stone building sits midway across the lower city, and its several chimneys constantly spouting smoke and fire make it easy to recognize. The renown of these ironworks is something with which all travellers are familiar, for they are widely known as the finest in the realm. Harnessing the power of moving water to drive their bellows and regulate the cooling mechanisms, the ironworks of Dun Eamon have a more consistent temperature than most, and the quality metal goods they produce are widely sought. As with the Crafthall, the Angus family owns the building, and they grant the rights to work there to the most talented craftsmen. Ulf Ironfist is the best smith there and runs the ironworks for Lord Angus, who helps secure large quantities of quality ore at reasonable prices. The ringing of hammer and anvil and the shouts of workers can be heard from outside.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
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