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Sir Karith

(a.k.a. Grandmaster of the Sun, The Justicar)

Sir Karith was born on the same day that the far off Rodin City was founded, though he would never go there in his lifetime.   He was the younger brother of the twins, Artenach and Muir. Together they received visions from The Light and founded The Knights of the Sun in 798 CY  .   By consent of the twins Karith headed up the new order, taking the title Grandmaster. Later he became known as The Justicar as he was strict and aggressive in his fervour to rid the kingdom of the evil influences of The Demon Prince.   At some stage in his ministry he saw another vision which led him to travel south into the Barren Wastes. It is unrecorded exactly what happened there but he returned with a hand-and-a-half sword of incredible workmanship and immense arcane power. That blade would be known as the Sword of Karith from that day forward and has been passed from one Grandmaster to the next ever since. It is the main symbol of the knighthood.
Current Location
1 AR 69 AR 68 years old